Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trespassing Has its Benefits

I am sure most well intentioned parents have experienced this before:   inadvertently teaching their child some lesson that would have been best unlearned.  Well, we had a little taste of that recently...

It all started on the 4th of July.  I was surfing around on the net looking at properties for sale.  Even though we had been getting active listings from our realtor since November, I was feeling unsatisfied with the selections that had been coming through and had decided to do some searching on my own.  Wouldn't you know, I found a house... and my immediate thought was:  we have to go look at it.  Lucky for me, it was a  holiday and Brian was home.  I quickly convinced him that we had to go do a "drive by"  (a common past time for us; after all, curb appeal is important, yes?). 

We drove to the house, only 15 minutes away.   When we got to that envisioned curb, there was nothing to see.  The house was up a hill, shrouded by trees.  Time has a way of emboldening a person, and after all the homes we had looked at, we thought:  we drove here--what the heck-- lets drive up that hill.  We got up the drive, and saw a lock box on the door.  In our great wisdom, Brian and I agreed that the lock box meant: no one lives here anymore... lets get out and look around.  As the three of us were walking around the property, snooping in windows, discussing the house...the front door opened: "may I help you?"   Yes, the owner.  

After many apologies and excuses, trying to explain away our irrational thoughts and bold actions, the gracious owner, Jim, said:  no worries, would you like to look at the house now?  Are you kidding?  (The way things were starting to unfold, I was starting to think someone greater was in charge here.)   I am sure you can guess what my answer was....in we went!

Well....when a girl knows, a girl knows.  And I knew.  After however many hundreds of homes viewed on the internet, and dozens of homes looked at in person,  I knew.

We went back to the house with our realtor three days later, and within a week, submitted a bid. 

A month  later, we closed.

In two days, the movers come.

And, as they say, the rest is history.

  Getting our current house ready for sale.

Lots of projects to be done!

Slowly moving things over to the new place.  (Bri forgot to leave space for himself !)

We borrowed a buddy's truck;  can anyone say  Beverly Hill Billies?

Lucy still noticing the small, beautiful things, amidst all the change.

So, the next time you see Lucy, if you ask her, she will enthusiastically tell you our 'new house story'.  She loves telling it. 

But please know, I didn't mean to teach my daughter that trespassing has its benefits...

But, it does!
God's beauty showing itself during one of the many drives in between homes.