Monday, May 28, 2012

Forest Bathing

We have been enjoying the great outdoors a lot lately.  The words of the great Robert Frost come to mind:

"Two roads diverged in a wood, 

And I--I took the one less traveled..."

 I guess I should have realized that there are some risks involved when taking this illustrious road less traveled. Lucy and I got first hand experience of this.  And it involved an unleashed, unattended, unfriendly... German Shepherd.  It is a story for in person; ask me some day.  But up until this encounter with our four legged friend foe, our road traveled was quite divine.

A big thanks to my Mom for watching over us on our walk in the woods.  (I think I heard her saying "Karen, my daughter, I taught you to read and appreciate fine literature...not use it as a guide for outings with my precious granddaughter!")  In hindsight, I know things could have ended much differently than this...

Lucy picked the flowers in her hands "for Daddy."

On a more predictable trip, we headed to Glenwood Gardens with our friend Abby.  We learned all about how to create a  "bird garden," (and did a little bird watching ourselves), along with lots of other fun things.

What adventures have you had lately? 
(Hopefully no territorial German Shepherds were involved.)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Busy Spring...Happy Hearts

The busyness of Spring has left me in eternal catch up mode.  No complaints, as we are healthy and grateful for all that fills our lives.   We have been traveling a lot, and Indy has been our second home.  Here is just an offering of all our goings on.

Lots of park playdates:

We had a great visit to Lexington, to celebrate the Derby with our good friends Johanna, Ross, Lily Kate and Ella.  The girls are the best with Lucy....

We also had an enjoyable trip to Indy to celebrate lots of special things, including Mother's Day, my neice Maddie's 1st Birthday...

and my sister-in-law Jessica's birthday:

I forgot my camera, so my cruddy-quality cell phone had to do on these pix.  It truly doesn't do this amazing Bonbonnerie cake justice... 

The cousins loved playing with each other!

It was very special to be home, with all of my family, for Mother's Day.  I think it would have made my Mom happy.

We made our annual trip to the Krohn Conservatory for the Butterfly Show.  Lucy was a bit scared of all those things flying around at first...

She took more of an interest in capturing any ladybug she could find.  Imagine that!

We were told they bring all the ladybugs in to eat the "bad bugs" in the conservatory.  That sound just about right-- for those who know the back story on ladybugs--don't you think?

This one became Lucy's BFF for a lot of the visit... Look closely on the tip of the leaf.

 Here she is (on the tip of Lucy's card)!

Picnic and frolic in the park afterwards... Perfect.

More pictures to come...trying to get caught up.  Happy Spring!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Graces Remain

Amidst the array of computer problems, and just general technology problems that we have been having in our household lately (yes, this includes lost photos and videos...when it rains it pours), I still have been searching for-- and finding-- graces to keep me sane and grateful.  

 “To appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give one's self...
to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived,
this is to have succeeded." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote was recently placed under my Mom's name, in a brochure, at a volunteer appreciation luncheon, where they honored her for beginning the volunteer program at their facility...some 30+ years ago.

My thought:  over a year has passed since her death, and yet her presence and work done while here on earth remains.

Here is another example:

Recently Brian and I took Lucy to Dairy Queen.  I dug in my purse and low and behold, found a gift card to use.  And who was it from?  You guessed it.  My Mom.  Even though she used to say how "impersonal" she thought gift cards were, I think this was one of the best gifts I have received lately.   And maybe the best tasting ice cream too... 

Birthday parties, plays, and visiting with family are on the short list of other graces we have been blessed with as of late....

Cousin Josh's 20th Birthday:

Lucy's second play:  Seeing her cousin Lindsay in "Clue":

Lucy was mesmerized the entire play.  She loved seeing Lindsay up on that stage!  And was so proud to greet her after, when it was all over.  Lindsay Lou, you did a fantastic job!

Lucy's friend Abby's 5th birthday party:

Lucy's first (attempt) at "Walk for MS"
Unfortunately, the inclement weather (lightening, rain, cold) caused the walk to be cancelled. A warm breakfast at Cracker Barrel instead, suited us just fine.   Hopefully next time...