Friday, March 20, 2015

May I Have This Dance?

There have been times throughout my life when I have heard females speak about their “childhood dreams” of their wedding day.    How they had all these ideas and hopes when they were younger of what their special day would be like.

What song they would dance their first dance to.

What beautiful setting their wedding would take place in.

What their dress would look like.

And maybe--most importantly-- who their Prince Charming would be.
Call me boring, or practical.... but I have no childhood recollections of any dreams like this.   Maybe its just  my bad memory?   Surely I had to have thoughts about things like this?   

If so, I do not recall.

The good news is:  my daughter does, and is making up for my deficits in this area.

There are those times when she just wants to pretend it is all true.   

Freud would be in heaven, with all the times Lucy has talked about how she wants to marry her daddy. 

It be-stills my heart when this happens.  

Because of these Lucy-inspired moments, and my need to document everything,  my daughter will not be like me when she is older and say she doesn’t remember dreaming about things like this.

Dreaming of marrying someone like her daddy….

All I can say is, if she does marry someone like her daddy, all shall be well in this world. 

And she will have gotten it exactly right.  

Now back to the world of reality:  Spring is knocking on our door right now.

We could not be happier about that.   

She has to be negotiating with him about something here....

More time spent outside means happy faces and a happy home.

Negotiating again....?  Probably.

 Basking in the sun.....

Happy Girl.