Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Listening and Learning

Recently, Lucy and I went to visit our friend and her newborn son, Caleb.  I was talking to Lucy about how baby’s sleep a lot, and that when she was a baby, she slept a lot.  She followed this statement with “In China, sleep a lot.”  I thought it was interesting that she put these two things together:  that she was in China when she was a baby.  She then continued talking about being “in Mama’s belly.”   (We had been talking days earlier about how she grew in her birth mom’s belly.)   This conversation taught me a few things:  Lucy listens intently, she puts things together, she remembers a lot, she understands more than we give her credit for, she is interested in her history.  

If we listen, no matter what age, our children can teach us lots.

And while talking about learning from others, I must mention my Dad.  He is a testimony to the power of positive thinking. Recently we celebrated his birthday.   He explained to me that he woke on the morning of his special day and  told himself that he was going to be happy… a remarkable plan, considering it also marked what would have been the day of his 45th wedding anniversary to my Mom.   I give my Dad a gigantic A+ for achieving his goal.  Thank you, Dad, for having such positive energy and heartfelt happiness on your birthday.  You reminded me of the importance of striving to be better, and the great influence that positive thinking can bring.  You also made me happy. 

If we listen, no matter what age, our parents can teach us lots.

Happy Birthday Dad
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wonderful Western New York

It is a beautiful thing when families take time out of their busy lives to be with one another.  And every year, for just one weekend, the Barnes’ clan does just that.  This past weekend was marked by many memorable moments during the annual family reunion.  There are so many pictures, and they really explain all the details, so I will spare any pre-commentary.   Suffice it to say that I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of such a giving, fun, thoughtful, talented and friendly group of people. 

Lucy at Aunt Bibbet's spa, getting her first mani-pedi. 
Bibbet sure does know how to spoil our girl.  Thanks B!

I picked out my own nail polish!
Am I a queen?


Lucy loved playing with MaMaw and PaPa's cats...

Picking apples with PaPa...

Checking out MaMaw and Papa's cows....

My first four-wheeling experience. 
I really can get on this big thing?

Daddy actually took me on a ride...So fun!

At the Legion on Friday night...

My new BFF, cousin Liam

I love MaMaw and Aunt's Maureen and Bibbet

Saturday, at the park for the reunion.... 
The weather couldn't have been more perfect.

The Ann and Walter Barnes Crew
So much fun on the swings with Liam...
and Aunt Bibbet...
and cousin Bernie.
Wiffle ball and football were just a few of the day's activities.
Always the singing of favorite Irish songs....
as well as The Beatles, Neil Young and The Eagles.
Lucy got her own serenade of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."
The Seven Stooges (self named, of course!)
Fun with cousins Macayla and Brandon...
and of course, Liam.
Sunday, the festivities continued on  at Aunt Mary Anne's.  
The weather acted up a bit, but it didn't stop the celebrating....
I loved Aunt Maureen's umbrella.
Fun with Joe and Aunt Bibbet
Yes, Aunt Pebbie put lipstick on me!  I loved it!
MaMaw and Me
My very special relatives:  Aunt Mary Anne and Cousins Kathleen and Bernie.

Uncle Timmy, Mamaw and PaPa.
Right before leaving on Monday to come home.
These last three pictures are my favorite; 
a perfect synopsis of the comraderie and love that was shared this past weekend.

 Lucy and Liam

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Celebrations

We just returned from a wonderful east coast trip to meet the newest addition of our family:  my niece, Maddalena Grace.   What a joy it was to meet her and have Lucy see her cousin for the first time.   Maddie was welcomed into the church with a beautiful baptismal service, complete with lots of family and a personalized touch from the presider, Fr. Bob.  It was so special to see Maddie in the 70 year old baptismal gown that my Mom, brother, sister, Lindsay, Lucy and I wore. The evening was topped off by a delicious Italian feast at a wonderful local restaurant. Thank you to my brother, Ray, and sister-in-law, Jessica, for a wonderful visit.  Maddie is just precious.
Maddie already sporting her Gamecock gear!
Maddie with Daddy, Grandma Tavares and cousin Lindsay
Welcome to the church Baby Maddie!

Proud Papa Buzzelli with his three granddaughters.

A proud Daddy indeed.

As always, Lucy loved her time with cousin Lindsay.
The second leg of our east coast trip was marked by a trip into NYC.    Lucy was truly in her element in the Big Apple, as she loved being around all the people and taking in the many sights and sounds.  The weather was perfect and allowed for us to capitalize on all the things this walking city has to offer.  Lucy went on her first ‘boat’ ride, and we enjoyed many of the parks that compliment the city.     Thanks to my friend Layne, who was a wonderful guide and host.  Your place is as cozy as can be, and we can’t wait for our next “slumber party” at your quaint little studio. 

Enjoy all the pictures.  They really tell the story better than I could.
At Pier 17, waiting to sail.
On her first boat ride: sailing the Clipper City Tall Ship
Taking in the Statue of Liberty.
Relaxing in South Street Seaport.
I love watching all the people...and pigeons!
Taking in the art at the local park.
Playing with the other kiddos.

For those of you who know Brian, no explanation needed here...
or here either.
At the Central Park Zoo...
watching the sea lions.
Central Park beauty.