Friday, November 30, 2012

Let the Holidays Begin

We are very excited to be celebrating the holidays in our new home.  A year ago who would have known that everything would be so different in just 12 months time?  After all, at this time last year we had just started house shopping!  Yet here we are.

I have been waiting patiently for my first deer sighting.  Look who showed up in our backyard this week...

 Lucy and I affectionately named him Precious.

In addition to the serenity of our surroundings, the new house has provided many other blessings.  One of them came in the form of family for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Everyone (meaning my sister and brother, their families, my dad, and my dear friend Julia) gathered at our house to celebrate. It was wonderful to have them all here.  My Mom's memory was near and dear to my heart the entire time.  I couldn't help but think, "you helped create this, Mom."  Having her family together was always the thing that made her happiest.

One of the moments that warmed my heart most over the weekend was this one: 

Right before eating dinner, we had just finished praying and talking about how the various facets of our families' history was interwoven into that moment, when Lucy said this:

"Mama, we are a family!"


I can only hope that a new tradition has begun.

Oh, and did I mention that Ray and Jessica gave us a chainsaw as a housewarming gift?    Brian has been out in the back woods cutting down trees like he is a real renaissance man.  Scary, I know.

So Thanksgiving came and went, with our hearts full of gratitude. 

We have now started the preparations for Christmas...

Back to the same mall, and the same Santa, with our same dear friend Abby.

And look what happened!  Lucy sat on Santa's lap for the first time!

Off to get our tree..

The first snow flakes of the season (albeit very minor) occurred while we there. Perfect. 


Here she is!

Putting the first ornament on the tree

Enjoy your season!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life lately...

Recently, we took Lucy to her first political rally.  Maybe objectionable to some, indoctrinating our child so young! Lets just look at it as giving her a piece of history to store in her memory bank....

The "4 More Days" chant that was heard so resolutely throughout the entire night by the some 30,000 in attendance, still pops up  from time to time coming out of Lucy's mouth.  (yes, I know, indoctrination).

I have to lovingly correct her, saying "Lucy, actually, it is now '4 more years'."

I won't go off on any soapbox, so as not to offend.  But one observation: it is amazing how different things can be in just a week and a half's time.   I say this is a testimony to the resiliency of the human spirit. The silver lining in it all:  at least we got to see us some Kid Rock.

On a more hopeful note, we got to spend time with friends recently.  Our annual trip to Lexington to see the Wildcats play football and spend time with college friends did not disappoint (despite the fact that UK is terrible and lost big).  Come on,  I don't go for the football--just the friends! 

don't ask about the red wig....

but I can tell you, the Wildcat didn't like it!

Our routine picture in the luggage terminal of the visiting team's bus.

Lucy had a great time with Lily Kate and Ella, and the karaoke at the end of the night was a hoot! 

Happy (early) Thanksgiving to all!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pumpkins and Parties

As promised, more fall pictures!  

Shaw Farm

Aunt Bridget made a quick trip down for a visit.  We always appreciate her efforts to come see us.

Time to celebrate my sister and I's birthdays...   

Thanks for the great birthday cake Lisa!

Lucy getting ready for her big Halloween party at school!  She was sooo excited!

Trick or treating at school!

Our first fires at the new house!   both inside...

and out....

Halloween is finally here!  Time for the cutting, carving and roasting!

 (Lucy is wearing an apron my mom made for Lindsay... many years ago.)

Trick or Treat!

The weather was less than ideal (misty and cold) but we still had fun!