Thursday, May 12, 2016

Appreciating Spring

Life has been busy this past month, with lots of visits from out-of-town family, and lots of nice outings with each other. We are enjoying Spring-time and all that it has to offer!

We didn't go anywhere for spring break, which was refreshing... and gave me time to recharge.

My goal  for the time off with Lucy was just to try to do something fun with her every day.  Looking back, I think we did a pretty good job accomplishing this.

Picnic in the park.

A visit to historical downtown Lebanon.

I took Lucy to the Golden Lamb in Lebanon.  It is a hotel/restaurant where many presidents have stayed. It is like a museum in many ways. I think she found it interesting...and we had fun exploring all 4 stories of this historical time piece.

We took a trip to the Columbus zoo....

Although we liked the zoo, I think that Cincinnati is one up on Columbus in this regard.

Without a doubt, my favorite exhibit was the Grizzlies!  They were awe-inspiring.

Even though Lucy wasn't ready for her picture to be taken here, the gorilla in the back ground was!

The following week we were so excited for Aunt Lisa to come into town;  the three of us headed downtown to the theater.

My sister and I reminisced about the days when my parents would take us to the theater as children.  It is something that she and I appreciate,  and love to do to this day, thanks to my mom's influence.

The show was magical and fantastic.  We all loved it!

We crossed the river afterwards, and spent time outdoors at Newport on the Levy.

The weather--and day--could not have been more perfect!

Later that night we headed home to a beautiful Spring evening, and enjoyed time around the fire with Vince and Brian.

The following weekend Papa came into town to see us.

What was the special occasion for Papa's visit?

Grandparents' Day at Lucy's school!

Can you see how excited  she was to take Papa to school?!

I get emotional thinking about how much my Mom would have loved to have been a part of this special day. But we are so grateful to my Dad for making it a priority, and being our sole representative now for Lucy.

And elsewhere around the Barnes' household, lots of visits from the creatures of our woods.   This guy came back again:  our Pileated woodpecker.  We havn't seen him for a few years.  I ran to get my camera to try to capture him- but didn't have the right lens on. So this was as good as I could do; he is quick!

This guy was on our front door window one night when I was headed to bed.  Isn't he so cute?

In keeping with the theme of enjoying all the creatures of our woods, the butterflies have been abundant, thanks to the wild 'flowers' in our backyard. Lucy loves to try to catch them....

With the help of Daddy, she got this guy.....

Life is good.  Hope all can say the same!