Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blurred Lines

Sometimes in the eyes of a child, the delineation between fact and fiction can often become a bit blurred.  Case in point, a conversation I had with Lucy recently.  Lets just say that she is a bit obsessed with the animated movie Tangled, and two of the leading characters:  Flynn Rider (the protagonist) and his beloved horse, Maximus.  She pretty much wants to act like one or the other every. minute.   Over dinner, she told me she wanted to talk about the movie.  One thought lead to another, and before I knew it, she was telling me who her ‘fave five’ crushes were.   Me, being the perpetual therapist (I can’t help it), asked her to tell me what specifically it was that she liked about these characters.  “What are the behaviors you are attracted to honey?” (I told you, I can’t help it!)

Here is what she said, pretty much verbatim:

#5-Shane (from Mulan, or as she calls him “Shaney”): “He is helpful.”
#4-Greyson (an actual person who plays piano on YouTube)-“He picks good songs and is emotional.”
#3-Flynn Rider:  “He is good and nice.”
#2-Maximus:  “He is encouraging. “
#1-Brandon (her cousin in NY):  “My heart and his heart love each other.”

The way I see it, she is just about right on track here, in picking out some important character traits in a person/character.  Never mind three of them aren’t real and one of them she will never know!

So, my dear Lucy, when you read this (hopefully) years from now, this is what I want you to know: 

“If you can find a man that is
 helpful, good, nice, encouraging and loving…
I approve! 
I hope when you said ‘emotional’
you really meant ‘sensitive.’
And the picking good songs thing…  
a definite added bonus!”

Speaking of fantasy/make believe, Lucy had a great time this Halloween.   She got to trick or treat in our neighborhood on Thursday; then we headed to Indy on Friday (for my niece’s play) and got to trick or treat there too (they had postponed it due to bad weather)!   Oh, and did I mention she also trick or treated at school?  We may be going into diabetic shock anytime in our house, due to the overload of sugar we are ingesting!

Lucy----ehemmm--Black Cat--introducing herself to the class.

It was rainy and windy and icky in our neighborhood.

Lucy and Lindsay:  meeeowwww!

How photogenic are these girls?

Lucy surprised Lisa and picked her a dandelion "because I love you."

Lisa, Lucy and I had such a great time trick or treating!  And the weather was purr-fect this time out!

My dad stayed at my sister's house to hand out candy.

Lindsay was a total  rock star in her high school play,  "Thirteen"

girlfriend can sing!

A bow well deserved!

(Footnote: Regarding the title of post... 
Pardon the use of the most overplayed song of the summer, but it worked!)