Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lazy Days of Summer

Even though it isn't officially 'summer' yet, it feels like it around here. 

Maybe because school is out, and our schedules are more lax.

Or maybe because it has been 80 and humid for days on end.

But whatever the case, I'm not complaining. 

I think Lucy summed it up quite nicely when we took her dollies on a walk the other day:

"I would usually be in school right now, Mama.   I like being home with you and not going to school."

I couldn't agree with her more.

We had a nice leisurely walk at the park down the street; I felt compelled to take about a hundred pictures.

I know what is going on with all the photos: I am trying to capture these last months of our time together as stay-at-home mom, and 'half day' kindergartener.  Soon, it will all change.

I made many mental notes on this morning date with my daughter.... trying to memorialize it all in my mind.

Watching her be carefree, chasing birds.....

Running without a worry in the world......

Watching and listening to all the bull frogs in the ponds.......

They are hard to see in this pic, but all those protrusions in the water are the frogs.

Nurturing her dollies, with such ease and sincerity.....

Playing with joy.....

I know that when the time comes at the end of the summer, she and I will both do fine in transitioning into new chapters in our lives.

In the meantime, I am just going to try to cherish all the moments, small and big.

Including moments like this past week, at dance camp:


And lazy days baking chocolate chip cookies.......

And relaxing days at the pool....

Here's to lots more memory-making and cherishing of what summer has to bring!

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Things are a-changin' around here.

I can't say that these changes aren't coming without some emotional highs and lows. 

Typical to our sweet daughter's true self, the close of her Kindergarten year has caused her to be on a bit of an emotional roller coaster. 

What that translates into is lots of ambivalence from our girl.  On the one hand, she has been excited for summer break, and all the fun trips and camps and play dates that are on the horizon.  Yet on the other hand, she has expressed on many occasions-- leading up to that last day of school-- how she doesn't want to leave her teacher, or be in first grade;  how she will miss her teachers and her classmates. She has been more clingy to me and Brian.  She has shown regressive behaviors at bedtime, crying and asking us to not leave. There have been many tears shed over discussions about these pending changes.

During one of those conversations, she said it best....

I asked her the night before her last day:  "How are you feeling about tomorrow being your last day honey?"

Her immediate reply:  "excited!" which then quickly changed to "sad," coupled with "I am going to miss Mrs Hohman"  (her wonderful teacher).  Followed by tears.

Ambivalence.... in all its glory.

I know what is being triggered for her.   I know that transitions and losses are always going to be a bit harder for her.   I know that when I see her crying when I pick her up on the last day, while all her other classmates are screaming with excitement and shouting "yeah, summer break!" , that these transitional moments will always be a bit different, and harder for her.

Her history brings complications.

And oh how it breaks my heart.  

She has also been grappling with her cousin Lindsay's graduation from high school.  While being around Lindsay a lot lately --with all the celebratory events-- has brought Lucy much joy, she has also expressed sadness and worry about not being able to see Lindsay as much "since she will be away at college."

It is one of the many things that I love so much about Lucy:  her big, loving, sensitive heart.   She feels deeply. 

I know I can't protect her from these difficult feelings.  I can only be with her through them, and listen and love.  And trust that as she grows and learns, she will better be able to cope. 

Our dear childhood friend, Angie, with my sister.
and Angie's sweet daughter, Addison.

As we all transition into these new chapters in our lives, I can't help but meditate on the message that Lindsay's high school graduation speaker gave.

I never had the good fortune of knowing Mr. Lustig, but for 45 years of his life--as a Math teacher---he has touched many kids' lives.   And since he was nominated by Lindsay's class to be their commencement speaker, I would say he has a bit of credibility. 

These are just some of the highlights of his speech :

Live your life with an attitude of gratitude.


Serve others.

Because you are blessed, give.

Say YES to God.

There were so many inspirational parts of Mr. Lustig's speech  (did I mention the moving tribute to his wife of some 40+ years?  or the song he wrote and serenaded to the seniors?).

I have only shared a few of the parts that resonated with me.

I find peace in what he said.   Because even in these difficult times of transition, I know that if I keep his message in mind.....

And teach these things to Lucy.....

 All shall be well.

Congratulations to Lindsay and Lucy!   I love you girls!