Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Fun

Lucy has been having tons of fun this summer.  We have been blessed to be surrounded by friends or family almost every weekend.  The pictures below speak for themselves, with some minor commentary by yours truly..

Lucy met her Great Aunt Buzzie for the first time!  This was also the first time Lucy had spent the night away from home, or Grammy and Papa's.   She did great and slept through the night. Thanks Buzzie, for having us to Columbus!
My friend from school, Patton, came over for dinner.  Lucy had met him before, but just loves him.  He fed her dinner and all!
We got to spend time, again, with two of my friends from college:  Molly and Johanna (+spouses and kids!) Lucy loved it and danced the night away with Lily Kate and Ella.
We went to Indy to see my brother, Ray, and sister-in-law, Jessica, who were visiting from New Jersey.   Jessica's parents, Charlotte and Alan, also came in from Rhode Island.  Lucy was in typical fashion, freely giving out nose bups and eating up all the attention.  

For my mom's 70th birthday, she simply requested that we were together as a family.  So she decided she wanted to take all of us to Kings Island. Quite a deal...Mom treating us to a great day of fun at the local amusement park on her birthday.  Lucy loved it.  Thanks to Grammy and Papa for the memories!
Lucy went on her first merry-go-round ride:  (She was quite pensive and curious the entire time.  But when it was time to get off, she didn't want to. So we figure she liked it!)
And her first airplane ride-- suspended above the park and seeing it all. (Note:  she was supposed to be strapped in the seat.  Mama was already breaking the rules and letting her stand up and look outside the window.  Come on...she can't see anything if strapped in!  She's only 28 inches!)
Lucy also spent time away from Mama and Dada for the first time!  Brian and I went on a few roller coasters with our niece and nephews while Aunt Lisa snatched Lucy up all to herself.  Word has it Lisa spoiled her with funnel cakes and stuffed animals!  Lucy did great and didn't even notice we were gone!   Do I hear a babysitter knocking?  or maybe a night out while Grammy and Papa take over?
Thanks to my two (college aged) nephews, Josh and Vince, and my niece, Lindsay, for indulging the adults in this next photo.  Isn't it sooo cute?
Thanks to all of our family and friends for being so good to our Lucy!

This final picture I couldn't help but include.  One of my mom's friends found this beautifully illustrated and sensitively told story.  My mom will keep this book as one that she gets to read to Lucy over the years.  If you look closely in the photo you will see the title:  
"Little Lucy's Family:  A Story About Adoption."

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some thoughts on love...

Lucy is doing great.  She had her ear surgery on Monday and came through like a champ.  Other than some minor complications with her blood draw (unrelated to the tubes in her ears) all went routinely and without incident.

Being a new mom and going through this process with Lucy for the first time, I gained numerous insights.  Even though I have known since the moment I first met Lucy that I loved her with all my heart, I experienced this love at depths I have never known before.  I have no doubt that this is the same love most parents feel for their children.  This is  a love not bound by biology or race, as I always knew but now completely understand.  

Yet my mind wandered to those children who don't know this love from their parents and those parents who are incapable of feeling this love for their children.   I know from my job as a child therapist that these families exist.  I felt great sadness for them, again as I had never felt before.  I believe God intends for us to experience this love...what a loss to not know it.  I quietly said some prayers for these folks, specifically asking God to help all parents and children unite through this love that is unarguably a gift from Him.  And I prayed that I will never underestimate and always appreciate this gift from our Lord.

While Lucy was in surgery, Brian and I talked about those parents who have chronically ill children.    I silently admired their courage...and thanked God for Lucy's health.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

America The Beautiful

What a wonderful weekend our girl had!  Not only did she get to celebrate for the first time being an American citizen in this great country, but she had two very special guests come for a visit.   Cousin Lindsay was here visiting from Indianapolis, and then my friend Layne came in from NY for the 4th.  Lucy loved having her guests here!  Lindsay is so sweet to Lucy; it is such a joy to watch their relationship grow.  After having Lindsay here for 4 days, Lucy has definitely been in withdrawal this week with just boring old mom and dad.  Thanks to Lindsay for being so kind and attentive to our girl, and thanks to Layne for making the trip. 

There were many other firsts for Lucy….

She got to play in her small outdoor pool for the first time.  Unfortunately, she also experienced her first bee sting.  Being the active and curious child that she is, Lucy went over to our air conditioning unit to check things out.  She started banging it, as she often does when exploring something new.  It seems some bees had decided to start a hive right where she hit; they came swarming out and two landed on her face.  Poor girl was scared and hurting after the incident, but managed to rebound quickly.  Thankfully, no bee allergies here…

 Another first:  a trip to the zoo!   For those who have never been, I highly recommend the Cincinnati Zoo.  We got a family membership and will definitely be going back.  I think Lucy enjoyed the birds the most.  Mama’s favorite was the monkeys; how sweet to watch the instinctual need, even in animals, to want to protect your child.
 On the eve of the fourth, we sat out in our backyard and were able to see fireworks from all directions.   Lucy seemed to enjoy them and tried her hardest to say “fireworks.”   She is quite verbal, our girl…  On the actual 4th of July, Lucy went to her first concert!   A local community (Blue Ash) always puts on a great celebration with a free concert.   Lucy got to experience Yes and Peter Frampton, both of whom put on great shows.   She loved the music and all the people (50,000!).  Dada took Lucy home before the fireworks display;  Lindsay, Layne and I stayed to enjoy this great celebration of our country’s independence.   How blessed I am to be an American.
Next Monday  (July 12th) Lucy will experience another first (and hopefully last):  she is getting tubes in her ears.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.