Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some thoughts on love...

Lucy is doing great.  She had her ear surgery on Monday and came through like a champ.  Other than some minor complications with her blood draw (unrelated to the tubes in her ears) all went routinely and without incident.

Being a new mom and going through this process with Lucy for the first time, I gained numerous insights.  Even though I have known since the moment I first met Lucy that I loved her with all my heart, I experienced this love at depths I have never known before.  I have no doubt that this is the same love most parents feel for their children.  This is  a love not bound by biology or race, as I always knew but now completely understand.  

Yet my mind wandered to those children who don't know this love from their parents and those parents who are incapable of feeling this love for their children.   I know from my job as a child therapist that these families exist.  I felt great sadness for them, again as I had never felt before.  I believe God intends for us to experience this love...what a loss to not know it.  I quietly said some prayers for these folks, specifically asking God to help all parents and children unite through this love that is unarguably a gift from Him.  And I prayed that I will never underestimate and always appreciate this gift from our Lord.

While Lucy was in surgery, Brian and I talked about those parents who have chronically ill children.    I silently admired their courage...and thanked God for Lucy's health.


Grammy said...

Beautifully written, Karen. Thank you.

Kathleen said...

Karen, you made my mom cry!