Friday, July 26, 2013

Bye Bye Bluebird

I am not sure how much value we really place on the closure of things.  From my perspective, it isn’t until we are truly done with something, until we have tasted that finality, before we understand the benefit of being finished.  And then once it is done, we realize how much energy, and distraction, and time that non-finished part of our lives had consumed. 

For our household, after almost a year long journey, we have finally closed a chapter in our lives:  the sale of our first family home on Bluebird Drive.  

Now...sweet relief,  peace, closure.  

Regarding this matter, it has been a loooooong year....Here's just the short list:

~updates and renovations to get it market ready,
~no offers until 5 months on the market,
~an offer, followed  by a scathing inspection report that rendered our house almost unsellable,
~to sell {me} vs. to rent and fix problems {Brian},
~a second offer,
~a second withdrawal of offer upon reading that d*** inspection report,
~beginning more work to fix problems from that d*** report,
~yielding calls for potential renters,
~a third offer, willing to buy house “as is” after seeing the d*** report (shock),
~an agreed upon purchase price that all parties were content with-including Brian! 

Before the big deal went through, we spent some time at the house, remembering and reminiscing on the good times...

Brian and I both agree that it was a miracle the house sold.   Our realtor, Larry, told us he would have given it a 5% chance of selling, considering the d*** inspection report.   We believe there was divine intervention at work here.   Specifically, we think Brian’s dad had a hand in it all.  Was it just coincidence that we got that third and final offer right when Wally’s funeral was beginning?  And then right around the time that I picked up that message with the offer, this appeared in the sky? 

As I told Brian, I think your dad got up to heaven, had a nice reunion with my mom, and they both agreed “we have to help these kids out…let’s get this house sold.” 

Tractor for sale....Anyone???

One last tractor ride with Daddy.

We will miss our big back yard...but not having to mow it!
As they say, the rest is history.

A celebration fire, accompanied by s'mores of course, on a beautiful "closing" night.

So, with no doubt in my mind, I send a bit grateful hug to my father in law, for helping us with the sale.  And to my Mom, who I think was sharing a beer with Wally while helping out with the deal... a big thank you to you too! 
Sunset on closing day.

On a completely unrelated note:  Happy (early) Birthday Mom (tomorrow).   As you can see from this post, you are never far from my mind or heart.  Your influence in my life may actually be stronger now than it was when you were still here with us.  For this, I am most grateful. 

Monday, July 8, 2013


In this process of blogging over the years, I have come to realize that my goals and motivation for this space, and why I post here, have continued to change.  The reason I began seems obvious, and doesn't really need explanation.  But as I have continued to come to this place, and take the time to write and edit and upload pictures, I often think about why am I doing it.  There are many reasons. But there is one that I keep revisiting that I think constitutes the main one:  I want Lucy to have something that she can look back on;  a history-if you will-told in pictures and stories and narrative, so that she can remember her childhood.  My Mom did a scrapbook for me as a child.  To this day, I treasure knowing it is there, and that I can go back and read stories, or look at pictures, or read about my family and my life as a child.   I guess because my Mom did it for me, I value this-- and want to do it for Lucy.

So I thank all of you that are here on this journey with our family. Thank you for reading and offering support or encouragement or funny comments.  Thank you for taking the time to show an interest in Lucy and her little life.  It means a lot to me.  You make this process of my modern day scrapbooking all the more worthwhile. 

And now, onto my photo dump... it has been awhile since I have posted pictures!

Memorial Day Parade...

It was cold.   

S'mores night again!

Brian found these gigantic marshmellows at the store.

Is that look on her face not priceless?

Sports Camp...Lucy had a blast!

Each day a different sport:  Soccer, Lacrosse, Flag Football/Cheerleading, Basketball and Track and Field.

The weather was practically perfect all week.

Lucy and the new BFF's she made throughout the week.


Lucy's first blowout! (at Aunt Bridgie's spa)

A brief--but treasured--visit with cousin Maddie, Uncle Ray and Auntie Jessica.

Our annual trip to the Butterfly Show at Krohn's Conservatory

The butterflies were more beautiful and vibrant than ever.

My Hanover friends and I...having a weekend get together.

Brian and Ross enjoying one of Brian's dad's last home brews (a hearty stout).

Karaoke is always a must when this crew gets together.
This expression on Lucy's face just about sums up the weekend.

Ever since we attended a recent wedding, Lucy has been wanting to play bride a lot!

She keeps saying she wants Brian to be her husband... Freud would love it!

Still loving playing the piano!

Superhero Birthday Party

The 4th of July parade spent mostly in the car--until the last moment--due to rain.

God Bless America.

Digging for worms....again!

A new habit---chewing her tongue ---just like her Daddy.

After days of rain, we were looking for any excuse to get--and stay-- outside.   Pasta party on the driveway.
Lucy likes to pretend like Brian is her horse...and being the good Daddy he is, Brian complies.

We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!!!