Friday, October 19, 2012

fun, festive....Fall.

It is my favorite time of the year!   Just like last year, we are making sure to hit every possible festival, farm and park in the greater Cincinnati area!  Play dates and family outings have been a must in the last few weeks.  The weather has been perfect, and the trees... gorgeous.   I don't know what I would do without the change of them.

First Stop:  Schappacher Farms

Lucy was talking to the calf.

Off to the real pumpkin patch!

We got our loot!  Heading back!
Next stop:  Gorman Heritage Farm 


Next Stop:  Irons Fruit Farm
(if you ever go, try their apple cinnamon donuts...deelish!)

The girls had this look on their faces because this was one stinky pig!

We had great fun playing in the leaves.
I think those are emu's in the background.

Off to the pumpkin patch!

We got our pumpkins!

Discovering the parks in our new neighborhood:

And last, just a few updates from the new house.   Despite the fact that I have already locked myself out of the house once ( meaning Lucy was locked in the house), all is going well. (Yes, I had to shout at Lucy through the back windows to "get down from the bar stool"--a new skill she really hadn't learned yet--and "go open the garage door."  After about 10 minutes of sheer panic--on my part, not Lucy's--she mastered the  tasks that I was shouting for her to do, and I got in the house.  I guess it has to happen at least once in any home you live in.)  There are many new features in our home that I love: walk in closet, sunrise out the bedroom window, and the island in our kitchen, where Lucy can now help me cook with much greater ease.   She loves it, and so do I.

"Smashing" sweet potatoes.

Chocolate chip cookies!  

And lastly, our newest neighbors.... Lucy has affectionately named them Greyson and Blackie. They hang out on our deck all the time.  A "real" neighbor told me they loiter at all the homes on our street.  Lucy loves them.  The closest thing to a pet we are going to have any time soon!

Stay tuned for more fall festivities!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Calm...During the Chaos

I just looked at the date of my last blog post and can't believe it has been over a month since I posted!   I guess when you are trying to move into a new house, get an old house on the market, and take a vacation, well, time has a way of passing.  More updates later on all the goings on of our new and old home.  For now, St Simons' Island, Georgia,  2012...

Last week we were blessed, once again, to go to one of our favorite, feels-like-a second-home, destinations.  At first, we weren't sure about the timing of it all, with everything going on.  But in hindsight, we couldn't have escaped at a better time.  It truly was probably the only way of allowing ourselves to take a break from all that needed/needs to be done during this very transitional period in our lives. This was our 7th year at St. Simons;  every year it just keeps getting better.

I must send a sincere thank you to my friend Nancy (and her husband Rick), for once again allowing us to use their gorgeous place.  Nancy told me recently that  her generosity in entrusting us with her place is her way of 'paying it forward', as some kind soul extended her the same generosity when she was younger.   So, as my solemn pledge, one day I will 'pay it forward' the way Nancy has done for us.  Thank you, Nance.  You have given my family precious memories and moments that will forever be treasured.

And now, on to the (many) pictures...(sorry, can't help myself!).

Uncle Timmy made the short trip up from Jacksonville to spend some time with us....

This was our one attempt to get out to the beach early to catch the sunrise.  Unfortunately, the clouds had a different agenda.   It was still quite beautiful...and serene.

We enjoyed Jekyl Island so much last year (only a 30 minute drive from SSI) that we decided to go again.  It was great fun exploring this quiet, private island ...on this bike!

They have paths like this all over the island.

And yes, the beaches really are this deserted!

Lucy loved playing with the sea foam.   To her:  endless bubbles!

This was the one evening we actually got cleaned up, and went out to dinner at the marina.

The second weekend we were there, our good friends the Murrays joined us.   The girls had such a great time together (as did the adults!).

Love this picture!

Not sure who the little girl is (on right) who decided to come and play...?   Lucy seemed curious, yes?

Jon's sister and family just moved onto the island... the more the merrier!

Do we really have to wait another year to go to the beach?