Friday, March 29, 2013

Waiting, Visiting, Partying and Playing.

The "waiting" reference in the for Easter.  We're almost there.  Today is a somber day for Christians, marking the day of Jesus' crucifixion, and the waiting for his resurrection on Easter Sunday.  I, for one, am glad Lent is almost over.   Today it was so nice to reconnect with old friends from the Cathedral.   The services at the Basillica (as usual) did not disappoint, and were a true catalyst for reflection on what Good Friday is all about.  (thank you, Jesus, for dying on the cross for us.)

Betty and "May-mee"

We have been busy filling these last 40 days (really 46, I heard)  trying to pass the time with the other three things mentioned.   Enjoy the pix!


We took a trip to Indy, and were so happy Lisa and Lindsay played hookey from school, and Papa from his daily activities, so we could all go to the Children's Museum together.   I can't sing the praises of this wonderful place enough.  So interactive and imaginative and creative...  Lucy had a blast! Thanks to Lindsay for being such a great cousin to Ms. Lucy and playing with her sooo much!

While home in Indy, we had an opportunity to visit my friend from college, Heather, and the newest addition to her family:  Baby Ava.  Lucy and Ava will always share the special connection of adoption with one another, and I was so glad that these two had a chance to meet.  


We have been fortunate to have a few Easter parties to attend, including this one, for the community at Lucy's pre-school.  It was so sweet to watch Lucy having so much fun during all the festivities.

This was as close as she was interested in getting to this giant-sized bunny....

Making "Lambs of God"

Adopting her own baby chick...        

Lisa and Lindsay put  together an Easter egg hunt for Lucy while we were home.  Lucy had a blast!  Thanks guys!


This was a recent day where spring fever was in the air.   You probably won't believe it to be true, but the day after I took these pictures we had 3 inches of snow on the ground!   We'll take whatever we can get at this point!

and....our little friend "Greyson" (one of several neighborhood cats that hang out on our back deck).  Even with all the icky weather, he still comes to see us regularly.

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

(p.s...thank you for indulging me while I play around with some new picture editing software!)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Oh Danny Boy

Wonderful St. Patrick’s Day.  Happy day to you all!   This day brings lots of sweet memories of my Mom.  It may have been one of her top holidays to celebrate.  She always seemed to identify most with her Irish side.  Every year, as many of her friends can attest to, she had her annual St. Patrick’s Day party.    She loved March 17th.

Well, this year on the blog, a toast of sorts…to you, Mom.

It starts with a story.

Every year at the Barnes’ family reunion in August we sing-lots of songs-most of them Irish classics.  I remember one year talking to my Mom on the phone while I was at the reunion, and telling her how we had just sung “Oh Danny Boy.”  (For all you good Irish folks out there, you surely know this classic).  Well, my Mom loved it.  I think if she could have, she would have jumped in her car and hopped on over to our party.  She was a sucker for a good Irish party, and the Barnes’ were surely giving one that day.

Fast forward to last year: The Barnes family reunion.  All of us gathered.  Not just to celebrate, but to remember.   For it marked the 10 year anniversary of Uncle Doug’s death.  We had a memorial for him that weekend at his gravesite.   Cousin Joe sang.  Can you guess what song?  “Oh Danny Boy.”  It was moving.   Touching.  Perfect.  A real tribute to Uncle Doug.  How grateful I am to have videotaped it. 

Since last August, Lucy has randomly asked me to watch the video of “cousin Joe singing.”   So, of course, I oblige.  She would want to watch--- again and again.  For anyone who has heard Joe sing, you can understand why she would be so drawn to listening and watching.   

So, one day recently, I just heard Lucy singing it: ”Oh Danny Boy, Oh Danny Boy….”  She hadn’t been watching Joe’s video, she was just singing out of the blue….the parts she knew.  I thought-- 'this child is really being called here.  I think she is supposed to know this song.'

Enter Google, and “song lyrics” searching. 

I learned it.  

I sang it. 

Lucy listened.  

Lucy learned.

And behold:  

(This one is for Rita, Doug, and you, Mom. 
After all, you guys wanted her to learn it, right?)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

This and That...

We have been busy around here....waiting for spring to arrive!   There have been hints of it in the air, and we are not complaining!   I mean, really, how many times can you play chase around the kitchen table with your daughter before you realize:  I need some fresh, spring!    The tulips are poking out in the front, and it is exciting to think about what surprises are in store for us in our (new) yard.   Here is how we have been passing the time...

Our annual February visit from Aunt Bridget, to celebrate her and Brian's birthdays:

Off for a hike in the back woods.

We went to see our friend Abby take a horseback riding lesson. (That is her horse, Joy, in the background.)

They did New Year's Resolutions at Lucy's school.  Hers was:  "To have a snow ball fight with Mama."  (If only all our resolutions could be so simple and attainable!) So, in addition to going on what we hope is the last winter's hike in our back yard,  I figured we'd better get that resolution completed!

Lucy loves to look and discover things.   This was a dog toy, I believe..??...

I have been "teaching" (I use that term very loosely) Lucy piano, which she has really taken a liking to.  Here she is playing her first song, "Baa Baa Black Sheep":

February March 2013 006 from Karen on Vimeo.

Lucy was invited to a friend's Princess Birthday Party.  Soooo cute to see all the girls dressed up!

Tiara's and ring pops...what more could a girl want?

Here's hoping to no more snow storms! Spring, where are you????