Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Showers

The showers have been flowing in more ways than one.  Not only has it been raining cats and dogs these past few days, but in addition, my mom's friends hosted a shower for our little Lucy this past Sunday.  It was a beautiful event filled with lots of lovely conversation, great food and new additions to Lucy's toy and clothing stash.   We are so grateful for everyone coming together to welcome our girl home and spoil her with attention and love. As you can see from the photos, Lucy was her true party girl self!   Thanks to Aunt Lisa and Cousin Lindsay for the adorable swimsuit and hat....Lucy is going to be a real cutie-pie poolside!

Some other updates:  Lucy is now walking!  Last night she did a full circle around our living room, kitchen and dining room.  It is so funny to watch because she is still a bit unstable, so she wobbles all around. But she loves it and is so tickled with herself and this new found outlook on life.  On a different note, say a prayer for daddy and his adjustment to being the father of a little girl.  He about had a heart attack when she was mimicking putting on lipstick with her own little toy lipstick (a gift from the gals at school).  She imitates everything we do... such a hoot!  

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blooms, Balls and "Bups"

There are many things blooming in our yard....some things welcomed (our beautiful crab-apple tree) and some things not (dandelions).   Lucy seemed to enjoy exploring it all this past weekend.  She also loved playing with her new pink ball.  On a side note, if you come for a visit, be warned that our girl now uses nose "bups" to get what she wants.  Has she already learned at such a young age that she can use her "cuteness" to manipulate?   (I know, I know....limits, Mama.)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Just a quick post to share some photos from this past week… I was so happy to be able to take Lucy back to my old church, St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica, for Holy Week services. I told Lucy that this is where her MaMa and DaDa got married and that she would love the beauty of the church and the music of the huge pipe organ (which she did). We met up with my friend, Mary (whom I met at the Cathedral many years ago) for this very beautiful and moving service; afterwards we all enjoyed lunch outside on a gorgeous spring day.

Easter Sunday proved to be just as beautiful, with perfect weather and a very uplifting church service. Our family took the opportunity to snap some photos since my nephew, Vince, was home from college. We all enjoyed the day, particularly after watching Butler beat Michigan State the night before in the Final Four.

The other photos are of our independent girl, who now will only eat if she can feed herself. As you can imagine, this makes for interesting meals when serving things such as blueberries (pictured), cereal, mashed potatoes or baby food. 

                                          Go Butler!