Saturday, December 14, 2013


Just wanted to spread a little joy during this special time of the year.....

This was earlier in the week.

Lucys ballet class from Karen on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

in all things...Thanks

Thanksgiving has passed, and our travels (for now!) our over.   I finally had a chance to sit down and write a post.  Going through the pictures, I realized:  I am truly blessed.   Although I did reflect a bit on all of this on Thanksgiving, there is something about looking at the memories in picture form that invoked a bit more nostalgia and deep gratitude.   Lucy loooooves going up to western New York to visit with Brian's side of the family.  Truly, she is filled with excitement almost the entire. time. she is there.  She thrives on being with her cousins and her aunts and uncles and Mamaw Barnes.  And seeing her so happy, well-- it makes my heart happy.  I feel blessed to have such wonderful in-laws.  In all  things, I give thanks.

Getting ready to go ice skating with cousins Brandon, Macayla, Claire.....

...and Uncle Timmy and Daddy.

Timmy, being the most skilled skater of us all, took over with Lucy.

Before the 5K Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving morning  (Lucy's cousin Claire, Aunt Maureen and Uncle Joe)...

and after!   The 17 degree temps didn't deter the four of us!!!

Thanksgiving dinner.

A toast with one of Wally's last home brew's, to celebrate his 50th anniversary and birthday.

Lucy went out with daddy every morning to feed the barn cats.

A visit with one of Bri's BFF's from childhood: Rob.

Lucy watching in anticipation for.....

this!    That 8 inches of snow was good for something!

Aunt Sandy took Lucy on her first snowmobile ride! 

She loved it!
Lucy looooves her cousin Brandon.

and her cousin Macayla!

December will hold even more celebrations, with more memories to be made:  the birth of Jesus, and the birth of one of my greatest blessings, Lucy.  I can't wait!  My heart is filled for sure.