Tuesday, September 24, 2013

God verses Victim

Whenever I used to work (outside of the home, that is) there was one thing that usually sparked a nerve for me.   That was when one of my clients would display a pervasive victim mentality.  That, “woe is me”- “why does life treat me so bad” –“I have no control and have to let bad things just happen to me”- attitude.   Used to drive me batty.  I guess because it is so opposite of how I was taught and so contrary to my Christian beliefs.

Recently I had the great blessing of having coffee with someone who is a living, breathing example of courage, strength, and faith in action.  If ever there is someone who would be justified in their victim hood, it would be her.  That is because of the unbelievable trauma she endured for years as a child.   She truly was a victim, during formative years in her life, when she really didn’t have any control.  What she went through is beyond what most of us can comprehend.  

Yet over coffee, I didn’t once hear a bit of “woe is me” or “why did such horror happen to me?”  Instead, I heard a mentality of “God is so good” and “I forgive my trespasser” and “I am excited for what God has in store for me.”  I saw redemption and providence and grace.    I witnessed God in all His glory, working his undeniable mercy in the life of a young woman, who feels complete control and excitement over the life that is ahead of her.  

Her testimony is beyond my comprehension.   It moves me and inspires me.  It reminds me that no matter how bad things may be, there is hope, and there is peace, if we choose to believe.  It is a reminder of how good God is, and how when we choose to put our trust in Him and commit our lives to Him, anything is possible.   Anything.  

What a powerful message. 

One I pray I am able to teach Lucy during these early years in her life. 

God verses Victim?  I am choosing God... every. single. time.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Summer Swan Song

Between a wonderful visit with family, followed by a fun-filled Labor Day weekend with friends, we could not feel more content with how we closed out the summer.  After these visits, there is one thing that was further confirmed for me, and that is that Lucy is a people person (just like her Papa Buzzelli!).  She thrives on being around others (specifically when she knows them and is comfortable with them).  What a joy it is to watch her in these settings, totally in her element, having fun, being carefree, playing with friends and family.  We may not be quite ready for what is waiting around the corner (namely, snow covered driveways and freezing cold temps), but one thing is for sure:  our hearts are filled with gratitude and joy from the wonderful people in our lives, who we got to celebrate the end of summer with.

To Indy to celebrate my Dad's 78th...

While in Indy, we went to my childhood parish's summer picnic: 

Notice the hand on hip sass.  ( trademark: Aunt Lisa)

Look up 'contentment' in Websters, you will find this picture there.

Mama and daughter.  Can't tell, can you?

These giant tricycles were a hoot!

Doesn't my niece look like a rock star in this pic?

I love you Lindsay Lou!

Helping Papa blow out his birthday candles.

Papa and granddaughters     ~ love love love~

Next we headed to Atlanta for a great Labor Day weekend with my childhood friends and their families.  In a society where it seems the concept of neighborhood friendships are waning, I can't say enough about my own friendships that began on a little street in Carmel, Indiana, called Songbird Lane.  It was there that it all started.  It was there that the Songbird Six (my sister, my brother and I, and the three sisters across the street-Angie, Amy and Darcie) became friends.

And it was there that the foundation was set for this:

All of our daughters having a picnic lunch by the pool.  Reminiscent of my own childhood on Songbird Lane, when on any given day, any combination of the Songbird Six may have been doing the exact same thing, poolside at Keystone Woods.

Lucy had never worn goggles before.  One of her friends had them. 
You would have thought she discovered gold!

Besides hanging poolside, there was a lot of this...

And this...

And this...

And this...

pork on the grill/smoker for 8 hours... fantastic!
And this...

Suffice it to say, good times were had by all!  So much so that I neglected taking very many pictures.   But I figure the memories will more than suffice. 

Thanks to my Songbird gals, and their families, for a fantastic weekend!

Good Bye Summer!   
Hello Fall!