Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Going Back

I am not sure how the conversation began (as is usually the case when raising a five year old) but somehow Lucy and I started talking about our time together in China.  I was sharing stories with her about the places we went, and how beautiful everything was, and what those first moments were like when we met in the lobby of the Galactic Peace Hotel in Nanchung.  This led into what she was wearing at that first moment... which led into many more questions from a very curious child. Rather than trying to describe it all, we decided going up to the closet and getting everything out was a better option.   

Now mind you, these items were in the closet for a reason.   For a long time, we knew that showing her them was a trigger for a very traumatic period of time for her.  So we put them away on purpose.  

The blanket says "Lucky Baby"

All I can say, is 4+ years later, our girl has come a long way…  

The way in which she treated these things with such delicacy was moving to watch.

I guess when you are snowed in for the billionth time, this ended up not being such a bad way to spend the morning.

This was the outfit she had on when we saw her for the first time in the hotel lobby. 

Acting like a tiger...
Ever since we got Lucy's Qi Pao out that day, she has wanted to pretty much wear it all the time....

Who knew this dress, that fit this little one when she was only eleven months old...

would still fit her (except for the length) 4 years later?

On a different note, (and at the risk of sounding like a broken record), we were snowed in again for Valentines Day.  So Lucy and I decided to make our own party at home.  We surprised Brian with decorations and yummy treats… 

helping build a fire...

and even a serenade from Lucy....   

Do you think she adores her dad?

Who says that persistent old man winter is going to get the best of us?? 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fun in February

Last weekend we were blessed to have a slight break from winter’s nasty grasp, and enjoyed a visit from our dear friends --the Streu girls, and their families.  

I have written about these childhood friends before; we grew up across the street from one another.   For 37 years I have known Angie, Amy and Darcie.  That is saying something, isn’t it?

We try to get our families together at least once a year.  We all get along so well, and usually the reunions do not disappoint.  This visit was no exception. 

There was lots of talking and catching up…

In hindsight, it is a miracle that the get together occurred at all, considering the weather has not given us any breaks this season and people were travelling from Atlanta and Indy.   

We chose to embrace what mother nature had (already) dumped in our path (or in this case, our backyard) rather than curse expletives at the relentlessness of it all (which I know we are all doing anyway)….

There was lots of laughing and silliness...

This is one of my favorite pics...

Yes, those are grown men on children's sleds.

and yes, it was as hilarious as it looks.

Childhood friends are the best.  Thanks girlies, (and fams) for making the trip!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Year of the Horse

If you are looking for a good laugh, I would recommend the website: “Pinterest Fail.”  Their motto:  “Where good intentions come to die.”  In full disclosure, I did not find this website, nor do I even follow Pinterest.  A friend pulled it up on her phone once, and what ensued was full blown laughter for a good ten minutes.  It basically is pictures and explanations of what the craft/project is supposed to look like, followed by pictures and explanations of how the project actually turns out.  Needless to say, the two are always worlds apart.  The entire website provides great fodder for those who need to feel better after a failed project.

Fast forward to Lucy and I’s Chinese New Year project.  Can you see where I am going with this?   With all my good intentions, I thought we would venture to make these prints called “nianhua;” an idea I got from a book about Chinese traditions that my Mom gave me.  


The pros of our project:  Lucy had fun, she was excited to try something new and different, and she really liked the rollie thing that you applied the paint with.

The cons:  It turned out nothing like the book described, you could barely make out the different animals and signs Lucy “sketched”, and this Mama was a bit annoyed.

Can you see the horse?

Lucy also put butterflies in there (signifying longevity)...they didn't take.

Thankfully, we have enjoyed other Chinese New Year activities with more success.  Like the new Chinese restaurant we discovered, which had fantastic food.   I made a traditional Chinese dish at home too, which everyone enjoyed.  And Lucy has very much enjoyed carrying her horses everywhere she goes, since afterall, it is the Year of the Horse. 

On an unrelated note, I have been having fun with my camera, but have to say there is a bit of frustration too.  In other words, I don’t know what in the h!?*!* I am doing.   I am going to take a photography class in April, but that seems like a long way away to me.  Lucy and Brian have been getting tired of being my subjects, so I have resorted to those who don’t/can’t resist my efforts.

I read this on a website:  "The spirit of the horse is recognized to be the Chinese people's ethos:  making unremitting efforts to improve themselves.Sounds just about right...  

I have been teaching Lucy my love of solar spots and solar heat in the house!

I think she gets it!

 Happy Chinese New Year!