Friday, September 26, 2014

Beauty Everywhere

This little girl?  Getting dressed up like Belle
 from Beauty and the Beast?


A daddy treasuring a dance with his daughter?

To Beauty and the Beast?


Mommy-Daughter date night?

Where I get to take my little girl to see Beauty and the Beast?


A little girl, painting her nails in her rain boots,
before going out to help with yard work?



Ahhhh, yes, those roses you see in the foreground?



A sister who sends me flowers,
 for no reason at all, 
other than to spread some sunshine 
on a random Friday morning?    

Thoughtful.  Unforgettable. 

(Thank you, Lisa.  You are the BEST!)

Sunshine illuminating my precious daughter's sweet face?  


Thank you God, for the beauty that surrounds me.  
Thank you for all those who bring such beauty to my life.  
It is not overlooked or taken for granted.  
Help me to always appreciate those 
who bring this beauty to my life.

Monday, September 15, 2014


They are subtle, but they are there.  Those little changes that happen when the time they spend with you is a little less, and the time they spend with their peers is a little more.   I am sure most parents experience this when their children start school.

She is carrying on longer conversations.  She is more expressive in her likes and dislikes.  She is more curious about everything.  She is more pensive about other kids and their differences.  She is more self directed.  She is more independent. She is more responsive to redirection.  

Oh, and there is this:  she has a new “boyfriend” every other day.  (Brian has already pleaded with her on this one.)  Today it is Pascal. 

But all in all, Brian and I cannot complain.  She is adjusting well, and so are we.  We are grateful she likes her teachers, and she is making friends.  We are enjoying the changes we see.   All is well.

And visits from friends and family always make life a little bit sweeter......

I used to work with Patton...

He is a treasured friend.

And Lucy loves him so.

And short but sweet visits with Lindsay Lou are always welcomed.....

"No no........I can put it on all by myself."  (read: Little Ms. Independence)

Ten minutes later, and we are off!

How much do these girls love each other?

It is immeasurable.