Sunday, December 6, 2009

Here She Is!!!!!!!

Oh my…how much there is to say!   And yet words escape us!  As we write, Lucy is asleep in her crib next to our bed!  Yes, after years of waiting, she has finally completed our family.  She is as sweet as we could have ever imagined.   God is so good.  Look at her sweet face!   God placed her in our arms around 5:00 tonight.  She cried for the first two hours.  It was a heart wrenching, non-stop cry.  It was so evident to us how scared she was.  It broke our hearts.  Poor little Lucy has had her entire world turned upside down.  We changed her diaper, tried to feed her a bottle…nothing consoled her.  She screamed and kicked.  Poor little thing.   Around 7, after lots of rocking and singing and playing some classical music (the orphanage had told us she loves music) she started to calm down. By 7:30 she was willing to take a few finger foods from Brian.  At one point, she clapped her hands together and smiled at us. Words cannot describe the feelings we had…our first smile from our girl.  She is just an angel in every way.  Finally, Brian rocked her to sleep in his arms and she has been sleeping very peacefully since (it is almost 10pm  now).  We imagine she will wake throughout the night…hungry, scared…and that there is more difficulty ahead for our sweet girl.  But for now…she sleeps.  So many other things happened today…getting to the airport, meeting more wonderful people who are adopting, driving in Nanchang traffic( which is worse than Beijing, and we thought that was bad), having a false alarm in our hotel lobby waiting for our girls (another group was there receiving their children, we thought when they came through the doors that they were our girls…..they weren't…God has a good sense of humor!) But all of these things really pale in comparison to what we feel right now in our hotel room.  Thanks to all of you for your prayers and comments.  I still cannot publish your comments to my blog, but I am getting them and reading them through my email and they mean the world.  (I will try to see how I may be able to access google tomorrow.) Tomorrow we are out at 8am to travel to numerous places for the beginning processes to all the paperwork . Keep all the thoughts and prayers coming….Love to all from Brian, Lucy and I! 


jessicatavares2 said...

Dear Karen and Brian,
JR and I are sitting here with smiles on our face for you. We are so happy for you , Lucy and the family. You are right- God is good! She looks like an angel. We cannot wait to meet her!

Jessica and JR

Kathleen said...

Karen and Brian, after all these years of waiting...I am so happy for you. She is so precious! I know you will enjoy getting to know her.

Mary said...

Hi Karen! Hi Brian! She is soo beautiful!!! The photos they'd sent don't do her justice! It's good to see her sleeping so peacefully. I love the pandas on her jammies - - perhaps you've heard that China is taking the panda back from the US (that was born here). They can have their panda, cause we get Lucy!!!

Thinking of you all of the time! Still praying - - will really pray for her transition! Mary

maureen said...

Yay! We are so thrilled for you! Welcome, Lucy, and please teach daddy to enjoy his time traveling in China and to "stop and smell the roses!"

Aunt Maureen

bridget said...


Anastasia said...

She is so beautiful!!! And so little. For some reason, I expected her to be bigger. Just amazing!
You are a momma now and I am so happy for you!

Much love,