Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 7

Lucy is such a joy!  It is unbelievable the changes in her from the first day until now.  She slept a full 9 hours again last night. Today was the first time she let us put her down to play.  She smiles all the time, is "talking" more, and is constantly engaging us for attention… a vast cry from day one.   And even from the morning to the evening there has been a big difference.   Tonight, we probably got a full hour of fun with her and the stacking cups.   Brian has been working with her on core muscle development, mobility and coordination… of course!   We just laugh and laugh and thank God that He has brought us such a bundle of joy. 

We had another adventuresome day out, going to the Teng Wang Pavilion.  This is a beautiful ancient site here in Nanchang.  Even though the weather was horrible again, we all enjoined the outing. We went to a ceremonial show on the top floor that included beautiful singing and music, representative of the time when Emperor Nan (after whom Nanchang was named) was in power.  After the Pavilion, our guide took us to a "family style" Chinese restaurant.  It is different how they do their food here (compared to the US).  But I must say, it was mostly very good.   Our guide told us lots about Chinese customs and trends. We found out that the waiters in this restaurant (which was very nice, mind you) make approximately $100 a month.  (The service was impeccable and they don't work on tips…Just this salary.)  Everywhere we go people are very kind and attentive to us.  They have no problem coming up to you, touching your child and commenting.  Of course we have no idea what they are saying, but it is an interesting experience.  We just say "shi-ah, shi-ah" (spelling?), which means thank you in Chinese.

I can't believe all these blog postings and I haven't mentioned the "squatty potties."  It is rare to find a western-style toilet when you go out here (even in Beijing this was true).  Instead, they have basically what constitutes holes in the ground that you squat over… no toilet paper.  I have tried to approach it with the mindset that it is just like when you go camping….and I take Kleenex in the stall with me!

On a bad note, Brian and I both feel like we are coming down with something.  Little Lucy shows no signs, so we worry that we may get her sick.  We are trying to fight it…hopefully it will pass soon.

I have really grown to admire, appreciate and respect China and all of it's history.  They take such pride in their past, and do such a beautiful job, almost to the point of perfection, in the artistry of recreating it.  There is so much symbolism in their approach to life…all rooted in their history. Maybe I am biased.. after all, China gave us our most perfect gift… but it is a wonderful place.


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Mary said...

Another great post!! They are so fun to get each day! :)
It looks like stacking cups is a joy when you're stacking them with Lucy! :) You look soo happy, Karen - -and Brian looks so proud holding her! It is an answer to prayers to hear how she's adjusting and engaging more and more with you! I'm so glad she to hear she's a happy girl!
In the future, Lucy is going to love to hear how much you've fallen for the culture.
I'll pray for your speedy recovery from whatever is working on you!
It will be so wonderful when you're all together, safe and sound at home in West Chester! Just in time for Christmas.
Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow!