Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day Six: Afternoon

The rest of our Day 6 here was really rather uneventful, which I think is exactly what the Dr. ordered for all three of us.  Lucy took a two and a half hour nap!   Mommy got a little sleep time in as well, while daddy decided to get a quick work out in at the gym.  It worked out well for all three of us!  No more problems with constipation….in fact, she has gone quite the opposite direction and has been much happier.  We showed Lucy the "Kai Lan goes to China" DVD (thanks Mom and Dad) and she seemed to enjoy it (see picture). Our girl is really starting to talk to us and warm up to us.  It is so cute. She makes all these funny noises and is finally starting to smile.  It warms our hearts.

Our guide brought us Pizza Hut for dinner…. We ordered onion and green pepper and got ham and pineapple.   We were told the size we ordered would serve 2-3.  When we received it, the pizza is what would be considered a personal pan in the US.  So funny….that must be how they stay so skinny over here.  The nice thing was that it tasted just like in the states and was quite a refreshing treat to get a taste of home.

The weather has been dreary, rainy and in the 50s here.  The traffic is such a nightmare (youtube 'Nanchang traffic' and you will see what I am talking about) and the town is so impoverished that none of us have really wanted to venture out.  We are all looking forward to getting to balmy Ghangzhou, which is very westernized and accommodating to adoptive families since this is where the Consulate is.  (Brian referred to our hotel room today as "the apartment"… seems we need a change of scenery sooner rather than later!) We fly to Ghangzhou on Friday and hope Lucy will do okay on the flight.  Thanks again for all the comments and prayers.  It is so nice to hear from all of our friends and family.  Your support is food for the soul.  


Julia said...

Hi, guys,

It is so great to be able to follow you on your journey. Thanks for keeping the posts going. ALice checked your blog first thing Sunday morning (out time)and was so excited to see all the pictures! I did not even bother to check as I was sure you wouldn't have time to post anything the first day you got her. She is very cute and seems very alert and aware in the pictures. ANd the cute outfits! Cant's wait for you to get back.

Much love,

Mary said...

Hi Guys!
Glad to hear you had some downtime! Exercise and rest are so important to feeling your best!

I showed the sleeping in her adorable pink panda jammies Lucy photo to my best friend today (because I keep giving her updates and have told her how beautiful Miss Lucy is - - I really developed an appreciation for how beautful Asians are when I lived in Chicago!) ANYWAY, I sent to her and she agreed she is beautiful...said it made her whole day! :)
Don't know if you heard we had a little bit of snow earlier in the week - all gone later in the day though. Just enough to seem festive!

It's hard to believe we're coming up on the end of your first week away. Safe travels as you continue your way through the process...
Hugs to you!