Saturday, December 5, 2009

More photos....Day 3

There have been several glitches in posting, one of which is I can only post three photos per blog entry since I am posting through a remote access blog email account.  So, I am going to have several posts here with photos so you can enjoy the beauty of The Summer Palace and The Great Wall.  Also, for all of you that have sent us comments, I have gotten them!   They are sent to my email first (Yahoo) which I can access here.  But I am unable to publish them because I cannot access my blog or google.  Go figure!  Must have something to do with the massive firewall they have here in China.  But at any rate, thanks for all the comments.  Keep them coming as we love to hear from you all.  I will hopefully be able to publish them in Nanchang.


bridget said...

WOW! What a Great Experience along with the JOY of LUCY!
K - Bri I like tea:) lol

Anastasia said...

Holy Moly!!!!! What great photos!! It must be amazing!!! I am glad that you are well and survived the flight. Looks like you are having a trip of a lifetime! Literally!

Much love to you and Bri-Bri!