Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 8

Well, our little peanut continues to amaze us!  Every day she becomes more playful, engages with us more and more and is smiling all the time!  It is hard to believe this is the same child as day one!  Her personality is delightful…very content and curious!   She has even gotten to the point where she will sit on the bed (our only play space right now) and entertain herself for long periods of time.  She loves activity and enjoys herself more when she is out and about and around others.  She also loves cheerios (what child doesn't, right?) The only time we have troubles is bath time. She hates getting a bath and cries and cries…it is heartbreaking.  We can only hope that this will improve and that nothing bad happened to her in the past during this time.

Our outing today was to a museum and then to the "Porcelain District" here in Nanchang.  We got Lucy a beautiful little porcelain tea set while shopping. The museum was filled with artifacts and valuables from the various emperors.  There was lots of gold and porcelain and jewels.  Lucy likes to look at shiny things, so this was fun for her.   One problem I have found here in China is that I don't think anyone believes in heat.  We have all commented on it.  The museum was freezing and our bus drivers never turn on the heat for any of our outings.  Hence, we bundle our girls up, as you can see in the photos. 

Since we had some down time today we explored this big hotel we are in. We found this entire section where they prepare unbelievable food for hotel guests, weddings, conferences (sushi etc…) (Keep in mind they cater to a lot of international business here, as well as lots of staff from GM, Ford and Volkswagon, whose plants are within an hour of the city).  The artistry they put into the preparation of the food is unbelievable.  They basically have an entire aquarium here to obtain the fresh fish from.  Lucy seemed to enjoy looking at all the lobsters, crabs, clams… and other unknown things.  And some of the foods they serve…well, also unbelievable. (For any Survivor watchers, it is similar to some of the things they are challenged to eat on the show….very disgusting by our standards, but a delicacy here in China.)  I was so impressed with this entire business venture, so I attached some photos.

On a technical note, the thought came to me to have my mom access my blog at home and post all of your comments…. Not sure why this idea didn't come to me sooner.  So you are all published now!  There were two recent posts ("anonymous" Ann and Wally? "PBC" Chuck and Pebbie?) that I am not sure who sent.  If you choose the "anonymous" feature, just be sure to include your name at the end of the comment you write.  I want to be sure I know who is thinking about Lucy!  

Tonight we got ready for our departure from this hotel.  We fly to Guangzhou tomorrow at 2…our first flight with Lucy.  It will give us a good indication of how well she will do on the 'big' flight home to the states.  I checked online and the weather is a tropical 79 degrees there.  We are all ready for the warm weather since it has been rainy and cold here all week. I will do my best to post tomorrow night… we'll see how Lucy is doing with this first big change since she has been with us. Say prayers!

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