Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 9

Thank you all for the prayers because they sure did work!   Lucy did perfectly today!  She has such a wonderful disposition.  She gets an A+++! I can't say the same about mommy and daddy… getting through the airport and customs with all of our luggage and our girl…well, it was quite a challenge.  It didn't help things that the customs agent decided to pick our family's bags to search.  The whole process was difficult. But we did it!  Lucy barely uttered a peep the entire time.  She sucked on her bottle and played with some plastic bottles and wrappers….. very easy to please.  And this is all in spite of having a cold (we all do) and a wet diaper.  As I said before, she loves to be in the hustle and bustle of things; she just observes and enjoys herself.   Such a joy!

From Brian, as mommy is going to go try to get Lucy to sleep…..

Getting off the plane in Guangzhou (compared to Nanchang) was the difference between night and day.    We left four full days of cloudy, gloomy, damp weather to a warm, sunny climate (similar to Florida) in Guangzhou.  The sunset was spectacular driving in. The city is much cleaner and traffic is more organized.  It actually feels like we are on vacation again.  Our hotel overlooks a river and there are plenty of restaurants and shops within walking distance.  Our group went out to an American style restaurant for dinner named, ironically, Lucy's.  The food was fairly decent considering the past meals we have had.    

Lucy still hates bathing and gets all wound up before bedtime.  It is almost 10:30 and she is still not asleep.  Tomorrow, she gets a medical exam which involves ENT, height, weight, vitals and skin; no shots thank goodness.  Lucy is as pleasant as can be and continues to smile more and more each day as you will see in the photos.  (I am starting early in getting Lucy to be a Sabres fan!) Signing off for now as it is an early start in the morning.



Kathleen said...

Let's go Buffalo!

Grammy said...

I had to smile when I saw this picture. Just too precious, Brian, with the Sabres hat! Do I see one tooth? About 17 degrees and windy here...enjoy your Florida-like weather! Blessings. Love, Marcy

Linda said...

What a beautiful family! Congratulations! What a blessed Christmas and many, many joyous years to come! I'll see your mom and dad tonight. We'll probably have to peel them off the ceiling in order to talk to them! I can tell through their emails they are overwhelmed with joy!

Linda said...

Beautiful, just beautiful!! Oh, not just Lucy but the three of you! Your smiles are reaching right over here to grab all of us! Merry Christmas to the three of you! I'll see your mom and dad tonight Karen. I'm sure we'll be peeling them off the ceiling. Their emails about Lucy, you and Brian are wonderful; a little more than the "typical" grandparent. I'm sure pictures passed throughout the evening! You are in my prayers for safe travel.

Linda said...

I just signed on and looked at the pictures from when you picked Lucy up to this most recent photos. Wow! I think Lucy is in love! What a gorgeous smile. I can't wait to see your mom and dad tonight!