Tuesday, December 8, 2009

China Day 6 Morning

Thought I would do a quick post while Bri was trying to put Lucy to sleep for her afternoon nap.  Her second night wasn't quite as peaceful as her first.  She woke up twice throughout the night, but did fine after she was fed.  She had a great breakfast both in our room and at the breakfast buffet.  She really likes eggs and congee (a warm rice liquid cereal/soup…not my favorite, but very popular here). I also let her try a little of my pancake… of course she liked that. It is very interesting at breakfast because probably every other table is a Caucasian couple with an Asian baby.  It is nice to talk to them and meet their children.

 Then we had quite an adventure at Wal-Mart.  Lucy did so well and really seems to enjoy all the hustle and bustle.   And let me tell you, the hustle and bustle and noise and crowd at Wal-Mart was unlike anything I had ever seen.   I took video because I don't think you could believe it without seeing it.  And some of the meats and fish and produce…well, words can't describe.  Let's just say that I don't think their way of doing things would ever pass FDA regulations.     We met a nice couple from Seattle while shopping.  We have realized that Lucy is very small for her age.  Every other baby we have met, their child is younger, yet bigger than Lucy.  Not sure if she is actually younger than they told us (sometimes they estimate birthdays wrong) or if she just has small biological parents.    Lucy eventually ended up conking out on us at Wal-Mart.  It seems that it is easier for her to sleep with noise than the quiet of our room.    I will try to post more later….


Mary said...

Hi Karen!
I'm loving all the photos and updates! (You realize none of us will want you to stop when you come back -- we'll want to hear of Lucy's adventures for a long time to come!) It's funny you say that about the food at Walmart -- we are so blessed to have beautiful, healthy foods in abundance here (also a lot of not so healthy food in abundance too!) I went to Spain when I was in college and we joked that much of the fruit we were served looked like it fell off the back of the rotten fruit cart...bruised, overly ripe. ewh!
I'm glad to see the place where you are staying is so nice and that there's good food!
I think Lucy has a future as a lip gloss model - her lips are soo pretty and with her beautiful skin!!!! :)
Praying for Lucy's transition and for her parents - - you are on my mind all the time. Between you and my brother who is moving into a house (his 4th move in 3 years) that he and his wife have spent 2 years rennovating (and they've only been married 3 years) it's such a good feeling to see people I care about settling in to the lives they've been working/longing for!

jessicatavares2 said...

A daddy's girl already!

OMG- I can only imagine the walmart there. Karen, I share your feelings about walmart too. Not exactly my favorite. I am more of a fan of Target.

Anyway, it looks like Lucy enjoys being held. Happy to hear the adjustment for her is progressing- a 2.5 hour nap sounds like good sleep to me.

As for the food- just think- Xmas is around the corner, which means your mom's delicious food and treats (oh the buckeyes). Now, you and Brian will have plenty of room for seconds. Lucy is in for a big treat too!

Stay safe and healthy- hope you are using lots of hand sanitizer.