Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 5

Well, all of your prayers are being answered.  Can you believe that Lucy slept 10 hours straight last night?  After she fell asleep around 8 we didn't hear another peep from her until 6am.  We truly thought that it was going to be a difficult night for her.  But it wasn't.  She woke up as content as can be.  She is a very good sleeper. Prayer is being answered all the time.   

She did very well all day, going to various places around the city for paperwork, pictures, giving gifts and money (no more carrying around all that cash….yee haw!) to various people.  We got to meet two of the orphanage directors and one of the nannies that is there.  It was confirmed for us that Lucy was in foster care from the time she was one week old until yesterday.  We are extremely happy about this, as we now know that she got lots more individual attention and was more than likely much better cared for than if she had been in the orphanage.  But, it also makes it dually hard for her now.  She is a very pensive little girl, and sometimes she just gets this extremely sad look on her face.  She turns down her lower lip and looks around…. Surely searching for the parents she has known up until now.  We are certain she is missing and grieving her ba ba (daddy) and ma ma.   It breaks our hearts.

We have learned a lot of other things about Lucy in these first 24 hours.  She will tell you exactly what she needs and will cry if she doesn't get it.  But as soon as she gets it…she is as happy as a peach.  This happened tonight.  She started crying around 5 and it lasted until almost 7:30.  We figured she was tired, hungry or had a dirty diaper, yet none of these things helped. Turns out she was extremely constipated.  No surprise, right, considering how her schedule and surroundings have changed ?  Poor thing.  Finally the problem was resolved, and instantly a big smile came over her face.  She mainly likes to be held, and looking at all the bright lights outside of our hotel window calms her down.   She also is soothed by classical music (thank you Baby Mozart, Josie and Ross).  We believe she is slowly starting to attach to us as she will smile every once in a while and has also done a simplified version of patty cake with us.  

A few other things… our agency worker told us today that she thinks we all look alike.  Not sure what she sees, but I could tell that she genuinely thought that.   It was nice to hear.  We met a nice lady in the notary office today who has been following our blog; she also has adopted a sweet child.  She recognized Brian and went and asked if he was who she thought he was.  She is from San Francisco!   Hi Lynn!  As far as the parents, we are holding up on oatmeal, almonds and granola bars.  Can't remember when we last ate dinner…there just has not been time.  Thankfully we are having nice full breakfast buffets every morning and that is getting us through (the food has been terrific).   Our guide told us that if we venture outside of the hotel to eat she would only recommend McDonalds (Nanchang is a very poor city, despite the fact that we are staying in a 5 star hotel right in the middle of it ).

Oh….  I had the hotel employee up to my room today to try to help me get to my blog.  He explained that some sites are blocked in China and this is probably the problem.  Sorry…no luck with being able to post your comments.  

Tomorrow is big day!  We are going to Wal-Mart!  That should be very interesting.  I can't even stand Wal-Mart in the States and now I am going in China??   I jest, as it is a necessity right now.  We are also going to a Chinese restaurant for lunch.   Right now, Lucy is sleeping quietly and daddy is lying in bed trying to figure out how to help Lucy be "more regular."  Life is good.   Catch you tomorrow.




bridget said...

You Two look like naturals:)

bridget said...

Sun & Moon Stroke on belly Or I Love U Stroke. Start on top left go down, making a I. then top right go across then down making an L. then bottom right go up across then down making an U. also spiral around belly button. Do this before eating and a little but after