Friday, October 16, 2009

Yellow Outfit, White Dots

This is what our sweet little girl was wearing when she was found outside the hospital gates.  Her birth parents had wrapped her in a baby blanket.  "Her hair was thick and her skin was fair."  She weighed 6.8 pounds.  It has been estimated that she was found on the day she was born, December 30th, 2008. 

The Yifeng Social Welfare Institute, where she currently lives, is pictured above. They report that she "loves music" and will "lie in her crib quietly and enjoy herself."  They also say that when she was four months old she "became more beautiful than ever," "was happy every day," and that "she is such a lovely girl and everybody loves her." From what I have read online about this orphanage, each child has a "foster parent" in the institute.  Families who have brought their children home from this orphanage felt that the caretakers genuinely cared for the children and that they were well cared for.  This is what we hope and pray for. We have had a local pediatrician who specializes in international adoption (she has children of her own adopted from China) review the medical charts that we received from China;  she thinks that developmentally everything looks good.

We think of our little Lucy constantly and cannot wait for the day that she will become a part of our forever family.  God is so good!


Carrie said...

Karen-I have chills reading your post.I have been thinking about all of you so much...cannot imagine what you must be feeling...I love her already!

Anonymous said...

Karen & Brian

We are very happy for you both. You have been determined for such a long time. You deserve for this dream to finally come true. Congratulations!

Kevin, Sandy and kids