Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January Updates

As you can see from the photos, Lucy is quickly being converted into a Sabres fan….thanks Aunt Bridgey and Daddy!  Other good news…bath time has become a happy event!  She is actually smiling when done!    Granted, we get the bathroom up to about 100 degrees (with the space heater), we slowly remove one article of clothing at a time, she sits in a dry baby tub and we just sponge her down… but hey, it works!   No more screaming at bath time. 
We saw Dr. Borchers yesterday.  Lucy now weighs 14 pounds, 11 ounces.  We may have discovered through blood work what is causing her slow growth:  thyroid issues.  We will get more blood work to determine the next course of action.  But other than this, and the large amount of ear wax that an ENT will have to remove, Dr. Borchers was very happy with Lucy’s development (she is rolling all over the place), learning and attachment. She has become a bit more finicky with her eating, but I think it is just that our spicy girl wants to feed herself.  Speaking of which, her first word was “na-na” (banana) and her second was “Da-Da” (daddy).  She will automatically wave bye-bye when she sees Brian on the stairs going to work.  She says “Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma” but I am not sure if she is just babbling or actually associates me with the word.   We’ll get there…
Today Lucy went to her first music class… I think MaMa liked it as much as Lucy.  It was so interesting to watch her interacting with the other kids and the instructor.   She rocked and clapped and laughed…so fun! This Saturday Lucy will go to her first “party.”  Brian’s co-workers are graciously hosting a shower for all of us;  we are looking forward to it!  I will post more pictures soon.  And maybe some video too….


Mary said...

Thanks for the post, Karen! Keep them coming! :) Can't wait to see you and meet Miss Lucy tomorrow!

Grammy said...

Lucy is so beautiful with her two front teeth! What a doll she is! DaDa and MaMa look very very happy! Love, Grammy