Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Lucy had her first experience in a pool this weekend.  As you can see from the photos, she thoroughly enjoyed herself.  She was so relaxed that she started to put her head down on her floaty to take a nap!   (At this point we quickly exited the pool to get home for her shut eye!)

Today is a very special day because it is our first time to celebrate Father's Day with our precious girl.  Lucy got her Dada a reclining chair for the deck.  He has already taken it on it's maiden voyage, commemorating it with a nice nap on this beautiful spring day! 

Last weekend we were in Indy to celebrate a special family friend, Angie's, pending birth of her little girl, Addison.  Lucy enjoyed herself and loved playing with her friend's Emma and Abby.  She continues to love giving out those nose "bups," as you can see her doing with her cousin Lindsay.  

Lucy has all kinds of words now and continues to amaze us with what she knows.  She say's "airplane" whenever she hears or sees one in the sky.  The other day Brian gave her some spare keys and she promptly walked to the door acting as though she was locking it.  Just now, Brian told her to go put the pillow on the chair, and she walked into the other room and placed it right where it was supposed to go.  (How did she know that?)  Oh, what children learn from watching their parents!  

Every day is like a wrapped gift that gets opened to find new joys and mysteries of our little girl.  We are truly blessed.

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Grammy said...

These pictures are fabulous! It is hard to remember how much Lucy hated her bath water when you are looking at how content she is in the pool water! Sending a nose bump to Lucy! Blessings on Father's Day to Dada! Thanks for the update Mama!