Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love Abounds in Attica

We had a wonderful time this past weekend in Western New York for the annual Barnes' Family Reunion.  Since Brian comes from such a big family, it was a time for many relatives to meet Lucy for the first time.   What a joy-filled and special occasion it was!  As some of you may know, the reunion isn't just a one day event.  No, No...the Barnes know how to do it up right!  It starts off Friday night at the Legion for the fish fry.  Saturday is the all-day "official" reunion at the Attica Park.  Sunday everyone gathers at Brian's parent's house for another day of eating, drinking, singing, talking and laughing.  The weather could not have been more perfect, marked by low humidity, cool evenings with bonfires, and even a need for jeans sometimes during the day. Western New York in August is fabulous!   Brian's folks live on a 100+ acre farm, so Lucy loved going on golf cart rides to explore the farm, or just hanging out with the cousins, the cows or the barn cats.  Thanks to the entire Barnes' clan for showing Lucy so much love. I married into one fantastic family! 
(Note:  Sorry for the abundance of posted photos... I took 160, so it was hard to narrow them down!)
Lucy with her cousin Colleen... they become BFF's this weekend. 

Aunt Maureen, Aunt Bridgey and Tom
 The first official Walter Barnes family photo that includes Lucy!
Brian, Lucy  and Aunt Bridgey
Aunt Bridgey having fun with Lucy at the park.
Lucy with cousin Colleen...cooling off at the pool.
Lucy and Grandma Barnes
Lucy loved hanging out on the swings with cousins Will, Izzie (her other BFF's for the weekend) and Colleen.
Colleen and Lucy
More cousins.....
Lucy loved exploring the farm.  Thanks to Izzie for taking my camera and capturing such great photos!

Uncle Timmy, Aunt Pebbie, Aunt Bridgey and Joe

Lucy with cousin Claire

Cousins Macayla and Brandon
exploring the farm...
Brian and Uncle Timmy

Uncle Mark and Aunt Maureen

Cousins Kathleen and Bernie with Aunt MaryAnne
Hanging out with Aunt Bridgey and Dada on the swing...

Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Bridgey


Grammy said...

Love all the pictures!

Mary said...

I agree - love the photos. No need to apologize for the # of photos! They are all wonderful and fun to see! Glad you had such a great trip!

Kathleen said...

Great pics Karen, and post more if you feel like it. Nice hat ;)