Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Ministry of Motherhood

It has been my great fortune to have recently come across this book,  The Ministry of Motherhood.  It has challenged me to understand and embrace my role as a mom in a unique new way.   The author, Sally Clarkson, talks about five different "gifts" we can give our children to help instill God in their lives.  One of these gifts, the Gift of Inspiration, she suggests can be taught by the beauty of what is seen around us;  the presence of God in nature.  I am not sure there could have been a better week than this past one to fully comprehend this concept.  We have been enjoying an incredible Indian Summer here in Southwest Ohio. At one point, while on a walk with Lucy, it felt unreal:  the stillness, warmth and beauty of the day and all that surrounded us.  I paused, pointed out this supernatural grace to Lucy, and thanked God for his wonder.
At the zoo with our new friend, Abby.

Lucy's first haircut!
I love being outside!

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