Monday, January 10, 2011

Lucy's 2!!!

We welcomed another birthday with Lucy on December 30th.  I felt very sentimental and contemplative all day, thinking about this past year and all the blessings that we have received with having Lucy as our daughter.  My mind couldn't help but think about Lucy's birth parents and what they may have been thinking and feeling on this day.  Maybe as Lucy gets older, her mind will wonder these things as well.  Even though her birth parents made the choice of adoption, I feel almost certain that their hearts still have a big place for Lucy.  I pray for them regularly, specifically that they know how much Lucy is loved and cared for.  My heart goes out to them, as well as all parents who have made an adoption choice, as I can't imagine how difficult it is to give up a child.  A loving and selfless act...

We had a wonderful celebration for Lucy at the Cincinnati Zoo with our friends,  the Klesa's.  We felt so happy that Molly, Damon, Nate, Charlie, Patrick and Abby could join us for a second year in a row to celebrate.  It was an unseasonably warm evening to enjoy the Festival of Lights.  Lucy clapped and rocked the entire time we sang Happy Birthday to her... a happy girl indeed!

"Look, Mom, I am 2 and can put on my shoes all by myself!"
Opening gifts and cards from family and friends.

Singing Happy Birthday...

The Zoo had a manger scene... we were impressed!
New Year's Eve was unseasonably warm as well.  Lucy continues to be my joyful helper in everything I do, as you can see in the pictures below.  The three of us enjoyed a quiet evening at home together, feeling incredibly blessed by this past year. 
I love watering the plants!

"let me set this down, it is too heavy..."

Happy New Year!!!

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