Thursday, April 24, 2014

All Things Easter

The arrival of Easter seemed more joyful than usual this year.  And no, it was not because of the one  two  three  four egg hunts that Lucy participated in in the weeks leading up to it.  (Don't judge.....we here at the Barnes' household are more than aware that Easter is not just about eggs and bunnies!)   With the turn in the weather, all the fun events for Lucy, and---most importantly--what we were celebrating/the resurrection of has been a great few weeks.

Lucy's first event:  Easter Eggstravaganza at her school.

Making her bunny ears...

Not scared of the Easter bunny anymore!
We looove Mrs. Morgan---her teacher from last year.
Still sporting the hand-on-hip-Aunt Lisa sass!
Next event: Egg Dying and Hunt with BFF, Abby.

"Can we please start our hunt?  No more pictures please!"

"Can we please look in our eggs?  No more pictures please!"

The girls decided a hike in the backyard was a must after the hard work of the hunt. Never mind the dresses!

Next event:   Egg hunt and Dinner at Aunt Lisa's

Lighting on Lindsay's hair?  Perfect.

Yes, that is a Victoria's Secret bag serving as her Easter basket....the irony is not lost on me!

I love this pic.   Lucy looks like she is just absorbing all the love.

Hide-n-seek with the cousins!

Easter Morning at Papa's house...and fourth and final Hunt.

(Papa Buzzelli was actually not with us for the weekend.  He, justifiably, 
was spending time in Columbus with his sister-who has been sick-
 along with my brother and family, who were also there.)

How pretty is this mama and her girl?  

So many pictures, I know. But who can resist pictures of a little girl, in the spring, in all her dresses?  And especially when the weather is cooperating!  It was so fun to capture her in all these moments!  Thanks for bearing with me!

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