Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Beach Days

We recently were blessed to spend some time on St Simons Island, in Georgia.

And what is better than time at the beach, than time at the beach with friends and family?   

The pictures really tell the story....

Our dear friends, The Murrays
Lucy and Emma
Lucy, Brian and Abby
 Uncle Timmy came up from Jacksonville one day.

My friend Nancy lives in SSI now.
Brian and Jon, in typical formation.

The girls having fun--all week.  Nothing better.

"Surfer Girl"

Emma teaching Lucy how to boogie board. 
She loved it...and was a pro by the end of the week!
Lucy loved being on Daddy's shoulders in the ocean.
Can you tell?
This pic's title:  "Peaches and Beaches"

One late afternoon, after a fleeting rain storm.   My first rainbow on the beach.
A morning walk on the beach....
looking for shells on the sand bar.

We spent one day on Jeckyll Island, 30 minutes south of SSI.
We rented this fun bike and explored the island.
The old trees there are breathtaking.

We saw 4 baby alligators.  See one of them in the left/middle side of the pic, poking his head out?
I kept worrying wondering where their Mama was?

This was a fun day, when Emma decided to bury Lucy in the sand.
I couldn't believe how still she stayed... for so long!

Emma's up next!

Last night.  Stayed late....
Having fun ....
and savoring every last minute.....
Such wonderful memories.   (Even if my camera settings were off!)

I look at all these pictures, and remember all the new memories.....

and realize how richly blessed I am.

Lucy took this pic! (not bad for a 6 year old!)

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