Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Mild Side

"Nature is not God, 
but God revealing the weight of Himself,
all His glory,
through the looking glass of nature."
Ann Voskamp

There have been no complaints around here from Brian or me, as we have been experiencing a very mild winter. We have had such little snow, and the temperatures have been so atypical, that it is hard for us to believe that it is already February and we are on the tail end of winter!

 Lucy, on the other hand, would like more snow.... 
Snow = Snow Days from school, of course!

This was only our second-- and last (so far)--
snow day of the season.  
Who can complain?!?!

We had a grand time in our back yard.

Amidst this mild winter, some big changes have been occurring for me at work.   That has been the reason for the slowing down of my presence here.  I feel incredibly blessed and grateful for the opportunities that have presented themselves to me with my career;  I can't help but give all the glory to God.  But I have to say, I have missed photography, and coming here to reflect and capture.

This snow day helped me to slow down and regroup. 
It allowed me to have one of those days with Lucy
 that were so common before when I stayed home and she was not in school.  
Regretfully, they are not so common anymore.

I have to admit, I miss this a lot of days.

Thankfully, I have these captured memories to hold onto now.  
Lucy's joy in these pictures is contagious, don't you think?

And speaking of nature,
 these guys showed up in our front yard.....

It is always so startling--and magnificent-when your eyes wonder upon such large animals roaming freely, in such close proximity to where you are.  We watched the three of them eating away, for a good fifteen minutes.  It was such entertainment!

In other news, we were blessed to have Uncle Ray 
stop through while he was doing business in Cincinnati. 
 It was such a treat, and we were so happy to have him here.

And speaking of family, how great is it to get surprise gifts in the mail from Aunt Lisa!

We celebrated Chinese New Year: The year of the Monkey. 

Our sweet girl's face below just about sums up how happy--and blessed--we have felt lately.  
We hope you all can say the same.

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