Saturday, July 16, 2016

Playing Catch-Up

It is hard to believe that my last post was over two months ago!  I don't know where the time has gone, other than to say we have had a jam-packed summer, filled with lots of wonderful visits with family and friends.    In the spirit of my neurotic sense of completion, I decided to post everything from the last two months-all on this post.  So hold on....lots of pictures!  Beginning with the Memorial Day Parade in downtown Mason.

Lindsay was here for a quick visit to Kings Island.   This was Lucy's second to last day of school.

Aunt Bridget, and Brian's good childhood friend Tom, came for a visit the following week.

We put Tom to work, as he is always good for it (notice him in the background, doing some landscape lighting for us!)

Brian and Bridgey practiced some softball....

It was hot!

A few weeks later Brian's brother, Tim, came in for a visit.    It was his 50th birthday, so Brian decided to treat him to a Dead and Company show (formerly The Grateful Dead).  Brian and Timmy were both deadheads in their day, so this was quite a treat for them.

One of the most memorable moments of Timmy's visit occurred about 15 minutes after he arrived at our house.    There was a small rain storm, followed by a double rainbow.   None of us had seen a double rainbow since the day of their dad's funeral, 3 years ago.   We all thought this beautiful wonder was Wally's way of smiling down on Timmy, on his birthday... happy that we were all together.

Continuing on... .Lucy at MAD camp (music, art, drama).

And Lucy at her gymnastics showcase......

Park play dates.   When we can squeeze them in......

Our latest addition to the neighborhood:  Casey.

Lucy looooooves him!

Some of our other neighborhood 'pets'.....

Look at this ugly turkey vulture. (I think?)   Maybe because Brian disposed of a dead raccoon in our back woods?

And some neighborhood friends.....

Now on to our vacation in the Outer Banks, NC.   We just returned last week, after a memorable and fun-filled time with my dear childhood friends, and their families.    We have all been vacationing together for many years now, and this year proved to be just as wonderful as years past.  

These were our first moments together.   Kids in the pool, and adults gathering for drinks-- and the beginning of lots of catching up and laughs.

We decided after pool time to go check out the beach.  None of us had ever been to Outer Banks beaches....

This was our beautiful walk every day.....

Are we excited to see the ocean?

Look how beautiful---and quiet---the beaches were?  The waves (huge and powerful) are something we will all remember.

Brian is only double fisting it because he is holding my beverage.  Of course!

The Sound was only a 5 minute walk from our house.  So several times we walked over there for the most beautiful of sunsets.

 Our crew, watching on....

And in the mornings, the beautiful sunrise from our deck.....

Back to the Sound, for another Sunset.....

A common place to hang out for food, drink.... and dance parties!

Brian and I took the littles to the park one morning....

We walked to the Sound....

The girls had one heck of a conversation, trying to figure out what in the world was going on with this "boat."

Seafood night for dinner one eve.   We had fresh shrimp, grouper and shark.  Yummo!

Brian and I's attempt at a selfie one morning, on a walk on the beach.

Angie took the girls out one morning and got them all Outer Banks tee's.  So cute!

Almost done with this post!  A few play dates with Lucy's BFF, Abby.

And the latest friends we have had frolicking in our back yard.  Just this week!

From "Arctic" and Lucy, we hope that everyone is having as good of a summer as we are.  

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