Friday, February 10, 2012

Funny Friday!

Lucy has been full of funny comments lately.  Probably most kids go through the phase of calling their parents by their first names, since this is what they hear in the household on a daily basis.  But here is what I was greeted to upon coming home from the gym yesterday morning:

“Hi Karen” followed by “how was your workout?” 

But I think this is a funnier story….

We went to visit our neighbor this week; he is in a rehab facility after getting a total knee replacement.  When we got there, he was in bed and his knee was exposed, so we could see the huge incision with all the stitches.   I don’t think Lucy really knew what to make of it…well, I know she didn’t, as you’ll hear in a minute.

Later in the week we were saying prayers;  we always give Lucy time to pray for whatever is on her mind.  This is what she said in regards to our neighbor:  “Pray for Albert.  That he gets a shower, and gets that paint off.” Clearly that incision, and all those stitches... were paint!

Since we were praying, Brian and I tried to keep it together...

We weren’t very successful! 

Happy Friday!

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