Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to Entertain Your Child...

The following have been tested, and proven to work--for a minimum of 30 minutes/ up to a maximum or 45-- in providing uninterrupted,  unadulterated entertainment for your child.   It is true, some were a shocker--even to me.   I mean, really, is it possible to take 45 minutes to eat a smore?  When it comes to Lucy, the answer is yes.  

Digging for worms in the front yard:

do you see that big thing on her shovel?

Have Mamaw and Papa come for a visit:

Give them your camera: 

(especially if you are hoping they may drop it and you can get that new one you are wanting!)


Grow some butterflies:

here they are in the caterpillar stage....stay tuned for chrysalis!
 Big wheelin' it in the backyard:


And last, but certainly not least:  Smores!

notice how it is getting darker...

and darker....

Still eating.  Truly....45 minutes of pure entertainment, in a Smore!

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