Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All About Animals (not really)

There has been an animal theme in our lives as of late.  I have to say, experiencing animals through the eyes of children is heart-warming and refreshing. The innocence and awe that they display when interacting with God's creatures is contagious.  It doesn't hurt sharing these moments with people you adore.

We participated in a walk at the Cincinnati Zoo to raise money for Children's Hospital. This was a win-win scenario :  identifying the hospital's "International Adoption Services" as the place for our donations to go, and getting to experience the Zoo in the process!  All the while having perfect weather!

Next, our pet for the week.   Brian found him hanging out in our back yard:

After deciding that we had to keep him for a few days, we went to Google to see how to best care for him.  We learned lots:  he was a Box Turtle, and indeed a male, since he had red eyes.  We found out he liked to eat moths, grasshoppers, vegetables etc...  Do you see the cherry tomatoes in the pool?  the last from our garden for the year?  I don't think we knew what we were doing--- they were never touched. 

Lucy named him "Colorful." 

More on Colorful in a moment.

A break from our animals and onto Lucy's first birthday party as  a Kindergartener.  Rachel was the birthday girl.

The party was at one of those bounce house party places.   Needless to say, lots of fun was had.  This was Lucy's fave of all the activities.

So, is it just me, or is Colorful not looking quite so colorful after a few days?  

Like I said, I don't think we knew what we were doing.  I am not sure he was supposed to be in water all that time. 

Lucy loved having him around.  She would rush home from school to check on him.  She would find moths at the park and bring them home to feed him.   It was all very cute.

Needless to say, letting him go made for one very sad little five year old.

We decided to take him to our neighbor's back yard, where there is a creek.  We thought he might be safer over there...

Bye, Bye Colorful!
Next, let me introduce Max the Monkey.  Any mom of a young one probably knows all about the different class animals that come home throughout the school year.   Where you get to document all your adventures with him in the class book, that also comes home?  

Max was with us for a week.

And then, he had to go back.  Lucy cried for 3 days straight after Max's departure. 

Who came up with this idea anyway? 

And finally, a real treat.  This time our adventures took us to the Newport Aquarium.  But it wasn't the place as much as the people who made this outing extra special.

Lucy and her China sisters.   Together again. As I tell Lucy, she knew these girls before she knew us.  They may have slept in the same crib together.   They for sure were in the same orphanage together.  They spent their first months of life together.

It had been over a year since these girls had seen each other. 

Within five minutes of seeing each other, this is how they were interacting.....

The day was perfect.  

The girls were so happy. 

Lucy and another turtle (in the background).

 They had so much fun together...  All.  Day.  Long.

Freeze Tag.

Friends hanging out. Chit chatting.

All the parents were "awhhhing" this moment.....

They share a unique and special bond. 

We will do our best, Lucy, to always nurture and honor these oh-so-special relationships.

And that concludes our adventures with animals this month.   

But really, it was so much more than that. 

Our first fire of the fall season.  
We are blessed.

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