Sunday, November 29, 2009

One Week!

Yes...the day has finally arrived!  One week from today we will be meeting Lucy for the first time!  Sunday, December 6th is the day that she will be brought to our hotel by some of her orphanage workers!  What a wonderful day that will be!!!  We are a bit disappointed that we will not be able to travel to her actual orphanage so that we can see where she has spent the first 11 months of her life.  But word has it that they are not allowing anyone to the orphanages due to H1N1.

Below is our itinerary.  We leave in 3 days!   Please keep all of us in your prayers.

Dec 3 (Th):  Arrive in Beijing 3PM their time (3am our time)
Dec 4-Dec 5 (Fri-Sat):  Tours to the Great Wall, Summer Palace and Forbidden City
Dec 6 (Sun):  LUCY DAY!!!  Fly from Beijing to Nanchung(a.m.)  Receive Lucy at hotel (p.m)
Dec 7 (Mon):  Go to Civil Affairs Bureau to complete adoption registration (Jiangxi Province)
Dec 8-Dec 10 (Tu-Th):  Tours and free time, plus some paperwork stuff
Dec 11 (Fri):  Fly from Nanchung to Guangzhou
Dec 12: (Sat): Visa and medical exam for Lucy
Dec 13(Sun):  Tours and free time
Dec 14(Mon):  More visa stuff for Lucy
Dec 15(Tues): Group oath taken at U.S. Consulate
Dec 16(Weds): Receive Visa for Lucy at Consulate
Dec 17(Thu):  Fly Guangzhou to Beijing (10am-1pm) Fly Beijing to Newark (dep 5pm)
HOME!!! Cincinnati!!   10:30 pm on the 17th.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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Grammy said...

Thank you, Lord! We are praying for your health and safety daily. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy each moment. Send lots of pictures and videos so that we can share your joy! We are so excited to meet Lucy!