Thursday, September 9, 2010

Childhood Connections

Addison Marie

What a blessing to have been graced with childhood friendships that continue to this day.  This past weekend some of the "Songbird" crew (the street that the Buzzelli/Streus's grew up on) got together in Indy to welcome the latest addition to our two families:  baby Addie, less than two weeks old.  How sweet is she?  There was one interesting thing that happened during the visit.  Lucy started crying out of the blue, two different times-- once when I was holding Addie and once when I was hugging Izzy (who is only 3 weeks older than Lucy).  When we put it together, it made me a little sad.  I think for Lucy, seeing her Mama show affection to another child must have tapped into her vulnerabilities and feelings of security.   But all and all, it was a great visit.  I can only hope that all of our girls will be able to have the same kind of long-term, authentic friendships like the ones that their Mom's started on Songbird Lane 30+ years ago.

Lucy, Abby and Emma
Angie (Addie's mom) and Jon (Addie's Uncle) 

One nice surprise to end the Labor Day weekend was cousin Lindsay coming back from Indy with us for a sleepover.  We love having Lindsay here; Lucy eats her up!  Thanks for the great visit Lindsay Lou!

Lindsay and Lucy having fun reading!   

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Grammy said...

Oh, what great pictures! What fine friends!