Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mid Autumn Moon Festival

As a way of honoring and celebrating Lucy's heritage and culture, we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival this past weekend.  This is one of a few revered Chinese holidays (Chinese New Year being another) that is rooted in much tradition,history and folklore.   Our local chapter of Families with Children from China hosted a gathering at a farm in our area.  The weather was perfect and it was quite enjoyable to mingle with other families and their little beauties from China. Lucy got to see her first pumpkin and take her first 'train' ride!
But I must share something else that happened this past week as the four day Mid-Autumn Moon Festival was just beginning.  Let me back up...  There are many customs that the Chinese participate in during this celebration.  They eat moon pies (a dough pastry that can be filled with fruits or meats) and pomelos (a citrus fruit similar to grapefruit) and make elaborate lanterns.  Another thing they do is plant autumn trees.   So....do you know what I won last week?  A Caliper Red Sunset Maple tree! On the first day of the Autumn Moon Festival! And how did I win it?  Through a raffle I was entered into at a fundraiser I attended for another little Chinese girl in the area. I mean, really... who wins a tree? A unique prize indeed!  I don't see these occurrences as coincidental, but rather just another way that God is working in and through our lives..connecting families, honoring cultures and reminding us of His presence.  We are so pleased to plant this treasured tree in our yard, not only as an outward sign of a connection Lucy has with one of her Chinese "sisters" in the area, but also as a reminder of Lucy's precious and culturally rich heritage.
Autumn is my favorite time of the year.   Happy Fall to everyone!

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Where is a picture of the tree?