Monday, March 8, 2010

Birds and Baby Dolls

Just a few quick pictures and updates....Today it got up to almost 60 degrees here in Cincinnati.  Lucy and I were so happy to go for a nice long walk.  She loved it, saying "bird" whenever I would say it.  I caught her numerous times just looking around and clapping her hands.  I think she is as happy as MaMa that Spring is in the air and we are finally able to get out of the house. 

The other pictures are of Lucy with her new baby doll.  As you can see, she just loves her.  We catch her all the time just crawling up to the doll and kissing her or giving her the bottle.  She also will do "hugs and squeezes" with the doll, like MaMa and DaDa do with her.   It is so cute to watch her with her new little toy.  

On a different note, I go back to work for three days this week, just to clean out my offices and say good bye to students and staff.  Then I will officially be resigned from Child Focus.  I am sad to leave my job, as I have always loved all the students and staff.  But I would not want it any other way and feel so blessed to be able to stay home with Lucy.  Brian is taking these days off and is looking forward to spending the time with his girl.  He even gets to take her to music class, which I think he will love.   More updates later...

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Mary said...

What a nice surprise to see yesterday's post! So glad you and Miss Lucy are out enjoying Spring! Love the photos - how sweet to see/hear about Lucy's baby!
Good luck this week Karen! I'm so pleased things have worked out so well!!