Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Happy, Healthy Party Girl...

Lucy has had a very eventful week.  We had a great time at my parent's St. Paddy's Day party.  Lucy's cousin, Lindsay, and her friend Kaylee, were such big helpers and enjoyed Lucy so much.  It was so fun to watch them together.  All of my folk's friends were excited to meet Lucy for the first time.  She may have been the hit of the party!

Lucy is adjusting so well.  No more fussiness at bath time!  In fact, she is now laughing and playing in the water--a far cry from how things were just three months ago in China.  We had wonderful weather this week (alleluiah!) so I took Lucy out to the back yard to feel grass for the first time.  She couldn't quit laughing....neither could MaMa-such a great moment.

Friends of mine from church hosted a shower for us.  All eight ladies held our girl and got nose "bups" (translation:  bumps) from her!  Again, so amazing how far Lucy has come in these three months! She just laughs and plays and explores with others now.  It is such a joy to see her true personality shine now that she is more adjusted and trusting.

And to top off this great week, we got news from the doctor that Lucy's thyroid levels had gone back down to "normal" range. We assume that proper nutrition is what helped to regulate the high levels.  The doctor directed us to "celebrate," saying there is no need for further testing.  Praise God!

Today is the first day of Spring....Happy Spring!

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Grammy said...

Great pictures! Lucy definitely was the hit of our St. Patrick's Day Party!