Monday, March 29, 2010

Family Visits

We had a great visit this past weekend with Uncle Ray and Auntie Jessica.  Lucy was her typical self:  happy, playful, active... and always good for those nose “bups!”   It was also wonderful to have Grammy, PaPa and cousin Lindsay come spend Saturday with us.  We feel so fortunate to have family make the effort and take the time to travel to see our girl.   It is so important to us that Lucy is close to her family.  Thanks to everyone for the enjoyable and memorable weekend!   (Note:  The last picture is Brian feeding Lucy macaroni and cheese for the first time!  She loved it!)
We found out today that Lucy will need to get tubes in her ears.  Her poor little ear canals don’t seem to function how they should, causing continued wax and fluid buildup, which is leading to inactivity with her ear drum.  I know this is a very routine surgery so I am not worried about it.  On a positive note, Easter is almost here!   We will be going home to Indy this weekend to spend this joyous day with family.  Jesus Is (almost) Risen!  Alleluia!

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