Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February Updates

I just realized that I went the entire month of February without blogging. And after numerous “reminders” from my mom, as well as some very important occasions that have happened, I decided that I must do some updates! So for those who are still following, sorry for the delay. And now onto our girl….

Lucy has had a chance to meet lots of her family and friends in this past month. We had a wonderful visit with the Streus on President’s Day. For those who don’t know, my family grew up across the street from the Streus. We have all been good friends for many, many years. Our families have continued to grow (with lots of girls…still waiting for a boy!) and everyone was happy to get together and meet. The highlight of this visit was the “cat fights” that Lucy and her friend Izzy got into. (They are only 3 weeks apart in age.) Both seem to be quite independent in their thinking and wants! So it was great fun for all the adults to watch the kids play. My friend, Layne, was also able to come over and meet Lucy. Thanks to everyone for the get together on Songbird Lane!
Aunt Bridget came from New York to meet her niece for the first time. Lucy took to Bridget within just a few minutes. I think it may have something to do with how Bridge and Bri look and sound alike. Lucy loves to do “nose bumps” with people (Brian taught her this) and was immediately “bup”ing (as Lucy says it) Aunt Bridgey. We all enjoyed celebrating Brian’s 39th and Bridget’s 34th birthdays.

Just this past weekend Lucy met her paternal grandparents for the first time: Grandma and Grandpa Barnes. The occasion: Lucy’s baptism and official commemoration into the Catholic faith. This was a very special event for all of us, especially because Lucy was able to wear the same dress that Grammy Buzzelli wore 70 years ago when she was baptized.  My sister, brother and I also wore this dress, as did my niece Lindsay.  Lucy looked like a little doll in this family heirloom, as you can see from the pictures.  There was one unfortunate circumstance:  Godfather/Uncle Ray was unable to get to Indy due to the horrible storms that plagued the east coast. All the airports were shut down the entire day Ray and Jessica were supposed to fly in. We know they were with us in spirit;  we even brought a picture of Ray to the baptism so there was some physical sign of him there. (Wally, Brian’s dad, filled in for Ray.) Lucy cried (as we knew she would) when the actual water was poured. But other than this, she was a true champ during the entire sacrament. We are so grateful to Godmother/Aunt Lisa, as well as Fr. Bob (a friend for many years), for being a part of this special day. We are so pleased that Lucy is now baptized and officially a Christian.
Some other updates…Lucy is now crawling! It is so funny to watch her because she is still very stiff in her movement (it just started within the past few days). We think that she really just wants to skip the crawling thing and start walking. She loves to stand and is slowly cruising along coffee tables and chairs. I imagine she isn’t going to crawl very long. We went to the doctor last week; she gained half a pound and grew an inch. The Dr. would like to see more growth than this since she is still below 10th percentile; it potentially is attributed it to her hyperthyroidism. We are monitoring it and will go to the endocrinologist in April if things haven’t improved.

Lucy seems to be a true joy to all who meet her.  She is very well-natured and easy going and has transitioned so well with all the changes in her life. We continue to feel truly blessed and thank all who have been so supportive and welcoming to our girl.

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Lucy is a precious child!